Pokémon Go Halloween Event: First Global In-Game Celebration

With Halloween right around the corner, Pokémon Go will be celebrating the occasion with a global in-game event that brings with it increased Pokémon encounter rates, and a boatload of candy.

From Oct 26 to Nov 1, Niantic will boost the encounter rate of “spooky” Pokémon. During the duration of the event, players will stumble upon the Zubat line, the Gastly line, and the Drowzee line of Pokémon with an increased frequency.

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there was no mention of candy, and sure enough, Niantic has boosted the candy gain rate for the event. During the event, catching Pokémon will earn you six pieces of candy instead of the usual three. Your buddy Pokémon will also give you four pieces of candy once you reach the target distance. Finally, sending your caught Pokémon to Professor Willow will net you two pieces of candy.

If you’ve been focusing less on Pokémon Go for the past few weeks, or if you’re looking to power level or evolve your Pokémon en masse, this Halloween event will be godsent for you.