40 Creepy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Note: This post contains disturbing images. Readers’ discretion is advised.

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone’s either going as Harley Quinn and The Joker or scrambling to figure out what alternatives they can use to scare people off. Over the years, the art of Cosplay has taken on a life of its own.

But when it comes to Halloween costumes, cosplayers take it to a whole other level. Creepy, scary, bloody, and downright "horrifying", these Halloween-horror inspired costumes and make-up are so good, they can probably raise the dead. Ready to get creeped out?

Note: I highly recommend clicking on the source for more information about the costumes. Some sources have an entire album of their costumes, while others provide their tutorial on how you can recreate the same look. Have fun!

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“The New 52” Joker

Source: discharge

creepy halloween costumes
Creepy Owls

Source: Regnant

creepy halloween costumes
Coraline’s Other Mother

Source: MissTrisi

creepy halloween costumes
Noonwraith Cosplay

Source: Elena Samko

creepy halloween costumes
Ballerina Dentata

Source: MissPyramidHead4

creepy halloween costumes
Spitter Costume, Left 4 Dead

Source: Avianna

creepy halloween costumes
Slit Mouth Girl

Source: Kontegoes

creepy halloween costumes
Leela Prosthetic Makeup

Source: VirginiaApplejack

creepy halloween costumes
Necron Lord Warhammer 40K

Source: andrewhitc

creepy halloween costumes

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