Big Pokémon Go Update Coming in December by Niantic

Quite recently, Niantic has rolled out an update that brought Ditto and a Thanksgiving event to Pokémon Go. But people who have dived into the game’s code discovered hint that Niantic may be introducing a huge update in December.

According to the people who’ve worked on the PokeVS web scanner, the current code for Pokémon Go indicates that Niantic may be planning to add 100 new normal and legendary Pokémon to the game. These include the Pokémon found in Johto, as well as Mew and Mewtwo.

pokemon go mewtwo

In addition to the new Pokémon, this update will also bring with it new features such as a Tamagotchi-like Pokémon breeding feature, the highly demanded trading feature, as well as PvP battles.

It is no secret that Niantic has been working hard to bring the so-called “Generation 2” update online. However, with new Pokémon codes found in the mobile app, it appears that the “Generation 2” update will be arriving much sooner than anticipated.

Of course, until Niantic themselves confirm that the update will be going live in December, you should take this news with a pinch of salt.