10+ Essential Pokemon Go Tips, Charts and Infographics for the Trainers

If you have never been a fan of Pokemon until Pokemon Go became the app of the century, this is the post that can help you quickly catch up. Here are 10+ Pokemon Go charts, graphics and infographics to get your Pokemon knowledge up to speed. If you have any other graphics or charts that should be part of this list, do let us know in the comments section.

By the way we also have a post on tips and tricks you can utilize to become a Pokemaster, as well as troubleshooting tips for those facing problems with the app.

If you are super new with Pokemon Go, this image gives you an idea about the map and its surroundings.
IMAGE: Technoapt
Know all the Pokemons sorted by its types.
IMAGE: Integrated IT Solutions
Pokemon types and their damage.
IMAGE: imgur
Here’s a better overview of the attack, defense and stamina rankings of Pokemons.
IMAGE: Sliph Road
Pokemon moves and how much damage they can cause.
IMAGE: Sliph Road
What to expect when your eggs hatch.
IMAGE: Poketricks.de
An idea of what you’d unlocked from level 1 to 20.
IMAGE: Techinsider
Your Pokemon Go gym battling guide.
IMAGE: Imgur
All 151 Pokemons in silhouette.
IMAGE: Imgur
All 151 Pokemon, if you manage to catch ’em all.
IMAGE: Imgur
Strongest of the Pokemons, in rankings.
IMAGE: Silph Research
Pokemon Rarity Chart
IMAGE: Imgur

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