40 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects, Vol. 1

Seriously, a balloon dog 10 times my size? A giant floppy disk that looks like it has 1 terabyte storage inside? A giant camera, if equipped with flashing light, that could blind me? Heck, all of these mentioned objects actually exists in our world, and they have been adopted by designers worldwide to either attract the mass audience, or show off their heavyweight creativity!

In today’s post, we’ll let you ponder on the phrase ‘size does matter’ and let you decide if bigger is always better. Here are 40 ridiculously oversized objects, ranging from giant banana peel to gigantic pen covers (yes, you heard me right, pen covers)! So take a break from your hectic design work, and charge up some heavy creativity with this post? Let’s check them out!

15 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects, Vol. 2

15 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects, Vol. 2

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3D Glasses

This spectacle could allow a lot of people to watch the same 3D movie at the same time. Provided if their eyes can reach both glasses.

Image Source: Bhavesh Bhuthadia

3d glasses

It’s not photoshopped, it’s a real building named as “Ascension”. It was built for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, in order to spread the message of peace to the visitors, and I believe this gorgeous thing accomplished its mission.

Image Source: Crimson Collective

Badminton Shuttlecock

Never thought it can be used this way.

Image Source: Neal1960

badminton shuttlecock
Balloon Dog

I never knew that a balloon dog can be this gigantic. This charming piece is created by designer Jeff Koons between 1999-2000, and the size definitely didn’t stop my desire to bring it back to my house!

Image Source: If It’s Hip, It’s Here

balloon dog
Basket Building

Looks exactly like a basket, except that it’s not used to carry sandwiches, but to house humans.

Image Source: Hassle Glad

basket building

I seriously wonder if the value of money will get bigger with the size of the cash.

Image Source: sdelahoyde

big rmb
Big Spills

The ice popsicle is just too real; it even looks delicious! Will you give it a try?

Image Source: Ads of the World

big spills
Big Yellow Rabbit

Probably a toy I can’t afford or keep; it’s 13 meters high.

Image Source: Florentijn Hofman

big yellow rabbit
Christmas Light

Not too big for a big festival like Christmas, huh?

Image Source: corneliskalma

christmas light
Light’s Plug

And it even has a plug!

Image Source: corneliskalma

light's plug

I don’t mind the cleaning, but I probably won’t sit beside the broom, judging from its placement.

Image Source: Phase 1-0 Design

Cloth Clip

Fantastic details and that’s gotta hurt, for sure!

Image Source: mmarsupilami

cloth clip
Cottage Cheese Toss

This could definitely be the largest trophy that these players have ever won. Or it could just be an oversized inflatable cottage cheese cup.

Image Source: jerkytourniquet

cottage cheese toss
Floppy Disk

Mother of Floppy Disks (take off spectacles).

Image Source: john4kc

floppy disk
Folding Table and Chairs

What makes these really impressive is the fact that they are greatly detailed! I tip my hat to the creator Robert Therrien.

Image Source: Robert Therrien

folding table and chairs
Table And Four Chairs

Incredibly huge and detailed modern table and chairs; imagine how high the ceiling of this building is!

Image Source: Robert Therrien

table and four chairs

A big fork made a big difference; what an affordable yet extremely viral advertisement!

Image Source: Ads of the World

Freshness Bags

The green leaves in the shiny bag just made the tree look entirely different from the others on the scene. Brilliant.

Image Source: Ads of the World

freshness bags
Giant Banana Peel

What a realistic banana peel! It was originally created for an eyewear advertisement, and I will say it is really effective, as every detail counts.

Image Source: Ads of the World

giant banana peel
Giant Folder

Every computer user knows about this folder, and the pixelated edges are just awesome.

Image Source: Ads of the World

giant folder
Giant Knife

You better don’t talk to him while he’s slicing something. Great details, and it looks really sharp!

Image Source: Mads Lauritzen

giant knife
Giant Tableware

“Sorry customer, no smaller tableware for you.” Okay, but these are just too precious to be used as tableware! Great work, Mads Lauritzen.

Image Source: Mads Lauritzen

giant tableware
Giant Wood

I wonder how big her left arm is, but anyway, I love the texture, fits perfectly with the object.

Image Source: Mads Lauritzen

giant wood
Hard Rock

This probably saved the hotel owner a lot of budget on advertising.

Image Source: yakul

hard rock
Holga Camera

That’s a huge Holga! I believe if the camera is equipped with the flash light, it could probably cause a person to go blind! Excellent one indeed.

Image Source: MAKE

holga camera
Hong Kong Noodle

Best served while it’s hot! One more point for the tiny chillies, they’re just too real!

Image Source: pia_louise

hong kong noodle

This life-size epic match is in fact the creation of a project, “Macro” by Rómulo Celdrán – “Macro acts as a kind of traditional magnifying glass that draws us closer to the object worthy of observation even when we keep an appropriate distance in order to view it.”

Image Source: Rómulo Celdrán

Pen Cover

The detail (and bite marks!) is terrifying! You can compare its size to a regular human’s size here.

Image Source: Rómulo Celdrán

pen cover
Color Paste

I intentionally showcased this photo with the sculptor sitting beside the stuff, or else it’s really unbelievable to gauge just how big this thing is!

Image Source: Rómulo Celdrán

color paste

I will probably go for it, if the McMuffin is as huge as this pack.

Image Source: Ads of the World

Mouse Trap

Instead of trapping the mouse, it’s more like for trapping a cat.

Image Source: Brady Davidson

mouse trap

Could easily “chain” through the entire forest within hours.

Image Source: tjwalters13

Public Purse

Oh, who dropped a purse on the floor? Oh wait.

Image Source: Arts and Culture

public purse
Rubber Duck

I can’t ride it, it’s too adorable!

Image Source: Florentijn Hofman

rubber duck

Did you lose a shoe today? But I’m sure that this couldn’t be yours.

Image Source: Sylvain Dumais


The only 2 differences with the real deal are, they are big, and they are amusing.

Image Source: photo.architect

Thor’s Mighty Hammer

One of the best movie advertisement props I have ever seen, probably far more effective than those poster ads.

Image Source: yakul

thor's mighty hammer
Throw Away Fix

“A conceptual work by Brett Oakes, confronts the viewer with a familiar object, a convenience item that has become an environmental inconvenience – the disposable coffee cup.”

Image Source: The Feijoa Fugitive

throw away fix


It could be really easy to go big just for creativity’s sake, but it takes a lot of intensive hard work to make it stand out, and this can be realized through the details that the sculptors have crafted into their sculptures. Bigger is surely better, but only if you focus on making the bigger object as real as possible, which needs more time and determination than you might think. But of course, don’t forget the amusement and all the fun from creating it!

If you spotted an oversized object, be sure to share it with us! Let’s help make it a fun day!