OsmAnd: Android App for Offline Maps with GPS Navigation

Traveling is more fun when you can easily find your way around new places. If you don’t have internet access, you might think you need a paper map. But if you have an Android phone, you can use OsmAnd. It’s an app that works offline and acts like a GPS for navigation.

With OsmAnd, you can download a wide range of maps directly to your phone. The app also offers offline search options. These include finding directions, addresses, and places to visit. It also has GPS features, safety tools, and extra plugins to make the app even more useful.

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How to Download Maps

First, click here to download and install the OsmAnd app. You can also find other download options here, including for Blackberry devices.

Open the app and go to Settings > Data Management > Download button to find the map download section. You can pick from over 200 country maps. See the complete list of available maps.

Download Offline Maps

If you’re low on storage, you can opt for road-only maps instead of full maps. To download, just check the boxes and hit the download button at the bottom of the screen.

OsmAnd Maps

Use Maps and Search Without Internet

With OsmAnd, you can use maps and find places even when you’re not online. Just make sure your GPS is turned on.

How to Search

The app uses your device’s GPS to find out where you are and shows you the right map. This happens automatically when you open the app.


Tap the Options button at the bottom left to see more choices. Then tap on Search.


You can look for places or addresses. Use filters to make your search more specific.

For example, to find an address, tap the House icon. Then type in where you want to go.


Now you can choose to start going there, mark it for later, show it on the map, or save it as a favorite.

How to Navigate

Tap Directions to start. Pick if you’re driving, cycling, or walking. Then tap Start navigation.


This is what your map will look like while navigating.

Offline GPS Navigation

Extra Features

OsmAnd has some useful additional features that can make your trips better:

  • Safety – You can switch between day and night views, see speed limits, adjust map zoom based on your speed, and share your location.
  • For Walkers and Cyclists – The app provides special routes and display settings for walking, hiking, and cycling.
  • Add-Ons – OsmAnd offers a free plugin to help you remember where you parked your car. There’s also another paid plugin for $2 that shows terrain features like contour lines.


OsmAnd does have some limitations. The free version allows you to download only up to 10 items like offline maps and voice data. The paid version for $8.07 removes this limit and adds features like Wikipedia points of interest, which are great for sightseeing.

The map files can take up a lot of space on your device. Also, the app doesn’t offer a global map, so you’ll need to download individual country maps if you’re traveling internationally. Some users have also mentioned that the map interface could be more user-friendly.

If you love to travel, this app could be a worthwhile investment. Let us know if you decide to get it!