Download Websites Offline on Chrome for Android: 2 New Methods

Back in December 2016, Google rolled out the ability to download webpages for offline viewing for Chrome for Android via the Chrome 55 update. Now, Google is expanding upon this feature as it is giving Chrome for Android users two new ways to save webpages for later viewing.

Method 1 – Through long pressing on the link

Once your Chrome browser is updated, the user needs to long press on any link, causing a dialog box to pop up. In this dialog box, the user will see an option to download the link. Once the download is complete, the user would then be able to access the webpage even if there’s no internet connection.

webpage download link
Method 2 – Through “Download Page Later” button

Where the first method relies on having an active internet connection, the second method works more like the Offline Mode that comes with Google’s own Android app. Should you find yourself being sent to Chrome’s offline dinosaur page, you’ll be able to see a new "Download Page Later" button at the bottom of the screen.

Tapping on this button will cause Chrome to automatically download the page once an internet connection is established.

download page later

In addition to the new methods of saving webpages for offline viewing, Google has also made it easier for you to keep track of pages that you have downloaded for offline viewing.

Upon opening a new tab in the browser, you can now scroll down and see a list of recent downloads without needing to open the Downloads tab. Webpages that are downloaded for offline viewing will also come with a special checkmark.

recent downloaded pages