Download and View Websites Offline with Chrome for Android

Google releases version 55 of Chrome for Android today where its feature has long been requested by user base – The selection to download media and web pages for offline viewing.

First debuted at an event in India, Chrome for Android allows you to download web pages, videos, musics and pictures. Once downloaded, these contents can be viewed even when your device has no internet connection.

Chrome 55 also comes with:
  • Performance improvements
  • Memory and stability fixes
  • Highlights misspelled words in the text field
  • Improvements to the contextual search UI
download button
Finding the download icon:
  • For your Chrome, a download icon can be found on the right side of the Chrome search bar.
  • For YouTube videos, download icon is located between the screen expansion icon and the cast icon.

Once you click on the download button, the content will be downloaded to your device. Chrome for Android will also include an additional section where you can view and share your downloads with other users.

Google mentioned that the update will be available on the Google Play Store over the next few days, you can start scouting what you’d like to download as offline view, you know in case of internet apocalypse.