Google App for Android Now Comes With an Offline Mode

If you’re a frequent user of the Google app on your Android device, you may be interested to know that Google is currently rolling out an update. Said update contains an offline mode that would allow the app to work even when your connection to the internet is spotty.

Before you get too excited, the offline mode for the Google app doesn’t mean that you can now perform Google searches without an internet connection. Instead, what offline mode does is that it will hold on to your search queries in the event that your device loses connection to the internet.

load page offline

Once the device is able to connect to the internet again, the app will proceed to perform the search. When the search is completed, the app will issue you a notification, allowing you to view the search results immediately.

According to Google’s product manager Shekhar Sharad, offline mode will not consume additional data or battery life, so you need not worry about having the Google app active in the background. Unfortunately for iOS device owners, Google has yet to mention if this feature will be coming to iOS anytime soon, so it appears that offline mode is strictly Android-only for now.

Source: Google