Discover Hidden Netflix Categories with Chrome Extension

Loyal Netflix customers are probably aware of the fact that the content-streaming service sorts its shows and movies into categories that are hidden from public view. While you can access these hidden categories by entering a specific URL into the address bar, Chrome users can opt to install an extension that would simplify this process.

The extension is called "Netflix Categories". Once the extension is installed, users would be able to access a menu that lists out 100 of Netflix’s hidden categories. Clicking on any one of the categories listed will bring you to a Netflix page filled with shows and movies that corresponds to the category.

In the event that you’ve found a particular category that you’re fond of, you can choose to bookmark the category of your choice by clicking on the heart icon located next to it.


If you feel that 100 categories aren’t enough for you, the creator of the extension, Deekshith Allamaneni, plans to add new categories to the extension over time. Also, do note that this extension does not give you access to region-restricted content.