How a Good Screen Recording Tool Can Transform Virtual Education & Work

Pandemic and resulting lockdowns have led the whole world to opt for virtual education and work. However, people who’ve always had face-to-face classes and in-person work-life find the virtual environment difficult to cope with.

Well, it may be so, but there are many tools that can aid virtual learning/ teaching and virtual working – and one of these tools is a screen recorder. A good screen recorder tool helps in better understanding of the subject matter and eases the communication process.

Though there are a lot of screen recording tools in the market, the one I found to be really good and feature-rich is the Movavi Screen Recorder and I am going to use the same to support the points I mention in the article. So let’s get started.

Movavi Screen Recorder for virtual education and work

Movavi screen recorder is an easy-to-use and reliable tool that allows you to capture anything on your Windows or Mac with just one click. After a quick and simple installation process, you can use it anytime and anywhere regardless of internet connectivity.

movavi screen recorder
Movavi Screen Recorder UI

Though you can use it for any task or project, however, specifically from the aspect of virtual education and virtual work, the Movavi screen recording tool irons out the wrinkles in communicating your message and presenting your ideas. You can record all or a part of your screen and the audio from your microphone or computer simultaneously.

Following are some of the ways in which educators and virtual teams can make use of the Movavi screen recorder and its interesting features.

1. Creating screencasts

When teachers have to record lectures or tutorials for their students, they have two options – hardware-based recording or software-based recording. Hardware-based recording requires you to have a good camera and microphone system as well as a professional recording environment and even some assistance.

On the other hand, software-based recording requires you to have just one thing, i.e. a good screen recording tool through which you can create screencasts of your lectures and tutorials.

movavi screen casting

Likewise, students can use a screen recorder to create screencasts of their presentations or assignments or if they want to ask questions regarding a certain topic or process.

And when this tool is the Movavi app that is super simple and absolutely free, then it gets even easier for anyone to create screencasts and share with others.

Also, in a virtual work environment, no matter which field of profession you are from, you’re often required to present ideas to your team members or clients. Creating screencasts through Movavi is the simplest and easiest way to go about it. You can record your screen and audio at the same time so what you want to communicate is conveyed effectively.

2. Recording video calls

Whether it’s virtual work or virtual education, one has to take part in meetings with colleagues, students, study groups, or team members through video calls. Your preferred video conferencing app may or may not have a built-in call recording feature but you can do that yourself using Movavi.

movavi capture video calls

Skype, Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoTo or WhatsApp, you can use any of these or many more video conferencing apps and use Movavi screen recorder to create a recording of your video calls (both audio and video) that you can save and refer to later.

3. Draw on video

One helpful feature of the Movavi screen recorder is that you can draw on a video during the recording. It helps you in making your videos more engaging and you can put your point across more precisely.

For teachers, this feature comes in handy when you want to turn your viewer’s attention to a specific point or when they want to highlight a student’s mistake in their assignment.

movavi draw on video

Similarly, when you’re creating a screen recording to be presented to your client or team members, you can annotate directly on the video while recording to put focus on a particular element or your client can draw on videos to show where specifically they want certain changes or additions.

4. Schedule recording

The thing about being in a virtual environment is that it gives you the opportunity to be more flexible about your presence. This means that if there’s a meeting, presentation, or class that you are unable to attend, you can record it using the ‘scheduler’ feature in the Movavi screen recorder.

movavi schedule recording

The scheduler allows you to schedule a screen recording session on a specific date and time and you can even set its duration as well as the capture area. You can schedule multiple recordings in a day with the required durations.

The tool also gives you an option to take an action after the recording like ‘sleep’ or ‘shut down.

5. Show keystrokes and pointer

It gets much easier to elaborate a complex process when you’re creating a screen recording and you’re able to show the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to your viewers. This especially comes in handy when you don’t want to add your voice commentary and just want the video to do the explaining.

movavi mouse and key strokes

Well, Movavi has this feature that lets you show the mouse movement and clicks as well as any keys that you press on your keyboard while recording so there’s not much room for confusion left in the viewer’s mind.

6. Capture webcam

There are some tasks or projects in which you just have to record your own video through a webcam and not the screen. Well, you can use the Movavi screen recorder for that too.

movavi capture webcam

It allows you to create a recording of your computer’s internal or external webcam along with the audio through your internal microphone. Also, before starting the webcam recording you can set parameters like resolution, frame rate, and webcam preview.

7. Edit your recordings

No matter how many times you practice a lecture or presentation to be recorded for your students or team members, it always gets longer than expected and has many bloopers.

With the Movavi screen recorder, you can’t just record your screen and webcam, you can also cut the unwanted parts in the beginning, middle, or end of your recordings. This way, you can share perfectly-timed and error-free recordings.

movavi edit recordings
8. Record audio only

When you’re working virtually, sometimes you’re required to record audio only, for instance when you’re creating a podcast, doing voice-over for a video, or just to take the minutes of a meeting on record.

movavi screenshots

One of the many features of Movavi screen recorder is that you can record system sounds as well as the audio from your computer’s microphone with just one click. Furthermore, once the audio recording is done, you can cut any unwanted parts and save/ share the files in MP3.

9. Take screenshots

Whether you’re teaching a group of students online or working with a virtual team, screenshots turn out to be a boon for virtual environments. You can quickly take an image of your current screen and share it with anyone.

Movavi screen recorder comes with a screenshot feature that lets you take screenshots of anything on your screen in different sizes. There’s also an editing panel that lets you do basic editing of your screenshot in terms of adding text, arrows, shapes, or free-hand drawing.

Once done, you can share the screenshot on different apps, save it to your computer, or copy it to the clipboard to paste wherever you want.

10. Fast Export and Sharing

Once you’re done creating a screencast, audio or webcam recording, or taking screenshots through a screen recorder, the next step is to export it into a required format and share it with the target audience.

movavi sharing export

Movavi screen recorder offers users the Fast Export feature that allows you to export your video or audio recordings into a number of different formats and resolutions at a really fast speed.

Moreover, the videos that you create can be saved on your computer or you can share them with others via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or sharing links. You can also upload your recordings directly on YouTube or Google Drive.


Whether it is the field of education or professional work, your message and ideas are always best conveyed in person. However, in the present circumstances of a continued pandemic, virtual education and work have become inevitable.

Nevertheless, features like screenshots and screen recordings very much make up for the gaps in presentation and communication. And this becomes even easier when you have a feature-rich tool like Movavi that transforms the way you work virtually.

If you aren’t convinced enough, why not give Movavi a try yourself and you’ll see the many ways the tool can be helpful in your everyday work no matter which walks of life you belong to.