20+ Apps and Tools to Customize Your Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages is the social giant’s offering for businesses and celebrities to create a corporate, public profile. It’s an industry-proven platform to connect with customers and fans, grow your brand’s presence, target sales, and more.

But, with 80 million pages on Facebook, it’s a competitive arena wherein you must stand out to engage customers and increase sales. Fortunately, there are third-party tools that help you to create and post content, customize your page, and add or connect third-party services; and thus, grow your customer base.

In this write-up, I’m going to introduce the best of such tools that will help you to customize and manage a business page on Facebook. Let’s start, shall we?

Add Tabs to Pages

Facebook Apps and Tabs
Facebook Apps and Tabs

A small but neat tool to brand your page on Facebook using app integrations and tabs. It allows customizing your page, adding tabs with social media and third-party content, and adding social media links to show online presence.

You can add tabs to integrate online services or social media platforms such as Flickr, Twitch.tv, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. I liked its “HTML Tab”, which lets you publish any web content for your audience; let’s say an events page.

All-in-One Tools

Iframe Apps Facebook
Iframe Apps Facebook

A comprehensive suite with numerous tools to engage customers, track online engagements and sales, and sell your products using Facebook Pages. It features HTML Tab (like Facebook Apps and Tabs) to add any web content in a tab.

Its list of tools includes newsletter subscription, email campaign manager, store manager, contact form builder, landing page builder, and rewards manager. Moreover, it offers an intuitive interface to quickly customize your page.

Pagemodo for Facebook Pages

Pagemodo is an all-in-one tool for managing your business page. It helps you create cover photos, add and manage custom tabs, design and schedule posts, and create and manage a variety of campaigns directly via Facebook Pages.

It offers pre-made templates for creating tabs, supports adding store locations and maps and showcase and sell your products — all inside tabs. I’m fond of its “Suggested Posts”, which helps at finding content per your target audience.

Woobox for Facebook Pages

Another superb suite of tools that allows you to customize your business page by integrating branded content and social media channels in tabs. Interestingly, it allows cross-channel promotions by showing customized hashtag feeds.

You can also create and manage different types of campaigns using Woobox. For example, you can create contests and coupons, giveaways, polls, quizzes, and more engaging posts. I liked its “Instant Wins” and “Winner Picker” tools too.

Campaigning Tools

Aweber for Facebook Pages

Aweber is a well-known email marketing service that supports Facebook Pages. Using its integration for Facebook Pages, you can create an email campaign for your customers or fans and allow them to sign up right from your page.

As offered by all email marketing servers, you can send newsletter emails to all signed up users, which helps to get the word out and increase revenues.

Heyo for Facebook Pages

A superb campaign management tool that works with email marketing tools as well. It supports creating and managing a variety of campaigns such as photo and video contests, sweepstakes, and quizzes among many others.

What’s most interesting? Heyo supports creating multi-format contests which are a mix of simple contests, enabling you to show your creativity to your fans. Also, it offers integrations for Aweber, Mailchimp, and more such tools.


Mailchimp has grown from an email newsletter tool to a full-fledged marketing platform in the last few years. You can create and manage email signup form for followers, allowing you to create leads and grow customers, like Aweber.

However, it does more than Aweber. You can create and publish ads directly from Mailchimp. Then, you can create and publish posts as well.


Another campaign management tool for business pages, ShortStack helps in creating contests and collecting leads, and thus, boosting user engagement and increasing sales. It features a variety of campaigns, unlike many others.

For instance, you can create refer-a-friend contests, forms, giveaways, hashtag campaigns, landing pages, quizzes, and a lot more campaigns. What’s unique? It features collaboration options for teams, supports analytics, and more.


SurveyMonkey is a well-known online survey tool. It helps you to create polls and surveys for Facebook Pages, which you can share on your fan page. It doesn’t support other types of engagement options like contests, unlike others.

TabSite for Facebook Pages

A promotion app accumulator to grow engagement on Facebook Pages. TabSite offers many tools to create contests, create and manage coupons, create and showcase photos and videos, and integrate social media platforms.

It features an app to make brand videos and another app to showcase products in image slideshow directly on your business page, allowing you to engage with the potential customers. I liked its RSS App and Timeline Content App too.

Wishpond for Facebook Pages

An excellent campaign marketing tool, Wishpond allows creating and managing contests and landing pages and track leads for your page on Facebook. It helps in generating socially engaging content to boost your customer base.

Wishpond can assist you in creating coupons and sweepstakes, photo contests, hashtag contests, referral contests, vote contests, video contests, and more. I am surprised that it features different types of contests, unlike others.

Messaging Tools


Another mobile marketing platform, MobileMonkey focuses on Messenger while providing chat marketing automation services. It helps you create bots for your business — be it an e-commerce store, marketing agency, or a gym.

You can engage with customers using messages, notification updates, etc. It can also automate on-site live chat and auto-respond to post comments to help run campaigns. Also, it integrates with the biggest blog platform, i.e., WordPress.

Social Media Managers


Agorapulse is an easy-to-use social media manager that helps create and schedule posts, engage followers, and generate reports. It lets you benchmark your competitors on many metrics like engagement and interaction rates.

It offers a must feature for teams — real-time collaboration. You can draft posts and messages, assign the drafts, and work along with your team members. Also, it features a built-in CRM for grouping, labeling, and tracking followers.

Buffer for Facebook

A well-known social media management tool, Buffer offers a list of features to help you manage your business page. It allows you to create and schedule posts, engage with your communities, and analyze the results for their campaigns.

It features collaboration options as well, like Agorapulse. You can draft posts, review them, manage access, and do more. Its Reply feature lets you and your team provide social customer care to your customers from a single interface.


Another social media management software, dlvr.it automates content posting by publishing posts directly from RSS. It also helps at creating posts (like Buffer); you can search for related ideas and import and schedule them directly.

It features EverQueue — a feature to recycle and reshare your best social media posts automatically. It also offers a bulk post scheduler, like a few other tools. Then, it offers integrations for tools like Google Analytics and WordPress,

Fanpage Karma
Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is one of the best social media management suites. It features everything for growing and managing your social media presence. You can plan, create, and publish posts to multiple social media channels from one interface.

It allows communicating and engaging with your followers from one inbox. Also, it lets you discover topics and trends including the top influencers.


One of the most popular social media marketing managers, Hootsuite offers the best features for growing your social media presence. It helps save time while finding the right content, creating posts, and scheduling multiples of them.

Also, you can search for trending keywords and hashtags to create successful content. Last but important, Hootsuite features social media reports to track the performance of your social campaigns, like many of its competitors.

Post Planner
PostPlanner for Facebook

Another one of the popular social media managers, Post Planner promises of providing 5x more engagement than its competitors including Buffer. It features a content recommendation engine that helps at finding interesting content.

It helps you plan your content for maximum results by letting you post at different times for each social network. Also, you can create and schedule the posts in bulk, and you can also reschedule old yet winning content ideas.

Socialbakers for Facebook

Socialbakers is a unified marketing platform, which helps you drive growth by optimizing your content after understanding your audience. Its platform is powered using AI, thus it provides intelligent analysis and management.

You can manage and streamline publishing posts to multiple social networks through a collaborative post calendar. It also helps you find critical trends and manage all social channels and provide customer care from one platform.

Miscellaneous Tools


An e-commerce platform for creating online stores, Bigcommerce helps you sell directly on Facebook Pages. It lets you connect your store’s catalog with your business page and showcase the listed products to your followers.

It also features Facebook Ad — an extension to create targeted ads for finding new shoppers, increasing sales, and creating new and lasting relationships. Then, its reporting features help you to understand the successful campaigns.


One of the analytics providers, Likealyzer provides actionable insights to help your brand improve its social media presence. It analyzes your page and offers grades to help you understand the inefficient parts and improve them.

You can benchmark your campaigns and strategies against industry standards and your competitors to fix what’s not working. Also, it provides growth-hacker tactics and suggests relevant content to boost your audience engagement.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for creating online stores. Its integration for Facebook Pages allows you to sell products from your e-commerce store via the Shop section (or tab) of your business page.

It also allows posting product collections to your page for highlighting your products and improving their discoverability. Then, you can publish shoppable photos and tag followers to drive engagement around your products.