20 Beautiful Tattoo Sketches For Your Inspiration

For all inked individuals, tattoos are a means of self expression. Tattooing has been practiced for many years in various parts of the world. The body becomes a canvas for amazing pieces of art in varying sizes and styles. These days tattoos have become more mainstream, and are not just limited to certain socio-economic classes or a certain age.

Choosing a tattoo design for yourself can be a hard task. The design should speak of your style, personality or your dreams and well, it is going to be part of you for a long, long time. In this post, we are showcasing 20 tattoo sketches that have not made the move from paper to skin (or have they?). Perhaps you may be inspired to create your own mind-blowing tattoo version.

Sketches by Nikita Blackbird

Tattoo Sketches by Zoe Mironova

Flowers Butterfly And Moth Sketch For A Tattoo by Ronny-Inked

Skull Roses Paint Trade by jerrrroen

Tattoo – Home Is Where The Anchor Drops! by Marcelo Schultz

Tattoo Sketch by Nikita Gutorov

Pirate Tattoo by Nikolay Kulyakhtin

Tattoo Sketches by Olya Pasia

Sketches by mac wide

Owl Tattoo Design by herrrox

Compass – Fhöbik by Fhöbik Artwork

Skull And Roses by FraH

Sketches Of Tattoos by Masha Kovtun

Tattoo Sketches. Dotwork. by Yaroslav Kirilenko

Sketches by Seva MFN

Sketches by Nikita Blackbird

Super Water by Vitaly Morozov

Dandelion Watercolor by dopeindulgence

Poppy Art Watercolor by dopeindulgence

Swallows Tattoo. My Work, My Sketch by Vika Naumova