20 Detailed UI Concept Sketches + Ready Designs For Your Inspiration

A sketch is a skeleton of an idea that was came to be originally as a thought. While we used to do it by hand, and on paper, creating different mock-ups and sketches these days can be done digitally via various applications. While lots of designers and artists go with the times and do their sketches on computers, a big number of creatives still prefer drawing by hand.

It’s great following a sketch from conception to fruition, and it is so inspirational to see how an ordinary drawing on a piece of paper can turn into a stunning design, be it for mobile or desktop.

We have put together 20 great examples of user interface sketches and ready designs to inspire you to take a step back and try out your ideas on paper and see where that takes you. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to go back to the old ways for future UI projects. Let’s see where that takes you, shall we?

Swipe to Login by Eddie Lobanovskiy, ALEX BENDER

Sketch & Mockup by Bady

Ordify Wireframe by Maik Fahldieck

Tweet This by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Radio App – Player by Román Jusdado

iOS Billing App with Timer by Mihnea Zamfir

UI Sketches by Jasmine Calderon

Moment Icon Design by Jackie Tran Anh

UI sketching by Neal Corbett

Player Buttons UI by Luke Etheridge

Ticket App Homescreen by Petr Knoll

Client Feedback Generator by Mike DelGuidice

Info by Nicholas Swanson

Sales Goals + Landing Page by Nicholas Swanson

UI Sketch by Etch

Sketch to Digital Wireframe by Konrad Group

Dashboard PS by Eric Guess

Process of Tasks by Ryan Smith

Motlee UI Sketches by Stephen Corby

NLS Mobile Sketches by Luis M Ruiz

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