30 Extraordinary Graffiti and Wall Paintings

Wall paintings had existed since the earliest history of mankind. Pictorial text on cave walls and on the pillars of ancient civilizations eventually morphed into text characters of some of the most commonly used languages today such as the Chinese and Indian languages. As such, we can see that pictures and paintings are fundamental and essential parts of human development that serve to communicate ideas and messages.

Graffiti and wall paintings appear to be more intricate than simple pictorial texts. They serve more than just putting simple ideas across to those who come in contact with them. They are more symbolic, and as in art pieces, are subject to individual interpretation. Some even serve to create an illusion to passers-by to stimulate their perceptions of the world.

Flight Trough (Image credit: Robert Proch)

If you don’t really get what I mean, check out the following graffiti, wall paintings and murals found in the Net. Note the emotions you’ll experience and the thoughts that would run through your mind. You will then see how easily we humans can be affected by imagery effects.

An artistic painting on the back of a house with gradients of yellow and red. If you look closely, you would see meshed up images of birds seemingly flying across a window.

Brrrrr… (Image credit: SmugOne)

Sci-fi wall painting resembles that of movie posters of the 60’s and 70’s.

My Precious… (Image credit: SmugOne)

The trademark Gollum, aka Smeagol, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Seems like he’s still searching for his precious.

Swarm (Image credit: Today is a Good Day)

Swarm of red, orange and green minnions. Taken near Sunday Market in Grünerløkka Oslo.

Common Threads Restoration (Image credit: City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program)

A modern take on Victorian era art.

Mural at Broad & Lombard Streets(Image credit: Brooke)

Complex and alluring mural mixing various elements and figures into one great painting.

Busy House (Image credit: Izismile)

A sneak peak of what goes on in an otherwise ordinary-looking house.

Illusionary Tunnel (Image credit: Izismile)

Does this tunnel exists, or is it just a wall painting?

Kosice/Slovakia (Image credit: Przemek Blejzyk)

Pulling the ‘dog’ out of him?

Szczecin/Poland (Image credit: Przemek Blejzyk)

Four mismatched musicians. One wonders what kind of music would they produce?

Door Keepers (Image credit: Firenzesca)

With this guardian by the door, anyone would be safe in here.

Indoor or Outdoor? (Image credit: Firenzesca)

Playing tricks with your eyes.

Kreuzberg Painted Wall (Image credit: Georgios.K)

Events of our lives appearing like channels on our TVs.

The Painted Wall (Image credit: Camil Tulcan)

Perfect view of the sea… but no sea breeze.

Internet Explorer Error Message Tagged (Image credit: Andreas Solberg)

Opps. Error loading wall painting.

Wall Painting (Image credit: Virtuos0)

Even if nothing really happens at the back of the house, you can always make it seem lively with paintings of social activities.

The Invisible Wall (Image credit: Rainbow Skill)

Don’t walk into the wall.

Venice Beach Graffiti (Image credit: California Photo)

Cute little cartoon figures drawn by graffiti artists of Venice, California.

Wall Painting in Riga (Image credit: Amici Del Giovedi)

Beautiful painting portraying mankind’s desire to soar in the skies.

"Pass-Pass to Heaven" (Image credit: MTO)

"Re-mixing" the shutters.

Unicef: Vaccine (Image credit: Ads of the World)

An ad from Unicef — "Send a postcard. Address the problem. Buying a single set of UNICEF postcards provides 26 children with the necessary child paralysis vaccine. This Christmas, your good wishes may save lives."

Peter Baker (Image credit: We Heart It)

A new and refreshing take on American Gothic.

Nike Joga Bonito Commercial (Image credit: DNAike Tony)

Nike graffiti with soccer balls drawn embedded within the wall.

Graffiti, Hasselt (Image credit: Rick & Bart)

Cool and smooth graffiti found in Hasselt, Belgium.

Avispa (Image credit: Tretze)

A giant bee to scare away the apiphobics.

Grafiti, Granada, Espana 32 (Image credit: Bit Ramone)

The young girl with a cheeky smile and the red streaks behind her paint an atmosphere that is a little disturbing.

Wall Paint (Image credit: NachoMon)

Who needs an actual scenery when you can beautifully paint it against the back of any building?

Riviera’s Amazing Murals (Image credit: Jeremieritta)

Complexity in a mural is an attraction for tourists.

Mural (Image credit: 34th Street)

I can’t help but feel a surge of hope within me when I look at this mural. Beautifully painted and expressed.

Wall Painting, Quebec (Image credit: IgorKole)

Did you realize that the whole thing is a painting painted against a flat surface?

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