Manage and Boost Firefox Download Speed – DownThemAll

Most internet surfers use download managers to handle their bulk and massive downloads but sometimes these software may take up more resources than expected.

Here is a download manager, a Firefox extension that don’t takes much computer resources and also boost your download speed by 400%DownThemAll. DownThemAll also allows pausing and resuming downloads at anytime.

Download and Install DownThemAll

Click here to install DownThemAll extension directly to your Firefox browser. Restart browser to activate the extension.

DownThemAll Firefox Extension


More options are available at Tools -> DownThemAll.

DownThemAll Firefox Extension

Here’s a quick preview of what you can customize with DownThemAll.

DownThemAll Firefox Extension

Perform Download

Find something to download, upon clicking on download you will be greet with this screen. Select DownThemAll!

Browse to your destination and hit Start to download now, or Queue to allow other downloads to finish.

DownThemAll Firefox Extension

Here’s where you control your downloads. Resume, pause and cancel are available.

DownThemAll Firefox Extension


Here’s some reason why you should use DownThemAll

  • Firefox extension, its light.
  • Boost download speed by 400 %
  • Simple interface with options like Pause, Resume and Cancel
  • Prioritizing downloads option available
  • Option to download current viewing website in Firefox
  • Download filtering available

DownThemAll is a Firefox Extention and requires installtion of Mozilla Firefox browser.