Freebie Release: “Lifetime” Social Network Icons

Here’s our first freebie of the year and we think it’s a great one. Folks at Artbees has created a set of high quality social network icons exclusively for Hongkiat’s readers. If you are looking for some icons to get your visitors more engaged, this is a post you should not miss.

So what are we looking at? We have a total of 27 social networks (Bebo, Badoo, Blogger, Delicious, Mylife Classmates, Digg, Netlog, MyOpera, Facebok, Ning, Orkit, Flixster, Zorpia, Youtube, Google+, Scribd, Technorati, Hi5, LastFM, Fotolog, Skype, Squidoo and Tagged) – each in 6 different sizes (24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256), 3 mouseover states (link, hover and active) and 2 graphic formats (PNG and PSD).

Sounds cool? Jump right in to download.

To give you an idea what you’ll be expecting, here are some screenshots.

social network icons preview


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