30 Best Color Tools for Web Designers (2024)

Choosing a color theme for your web design project might seem simple at first, but finding the perfect color combinations or creating a color scheme can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure which color tool fits your needs best.

To make this easier, here are some of the top color tools for web designers to help you pick the best color schemes for your projects. Let’s dive in.

Apps For Web Designers on Budget

Apps For Web Designers on Budget

Web design can be costly for designers; not only its process is time-consuming, but its tools also involve... Read more

Mesher’s Color Gradients

Ever thought a simple spacebar press could dramatically enhance your website’s look? Mesher makes it happen, generating random, stunning color gradients effortlessly.

meshers color gradients

Imagine an AI that knows your color preferences! With Khroma, after choosing 50 colors you love, it’ll craft palettes just for you, avoiding colors you dislike.

Muzli Colors

Need the perfect palette? Muzli Colors lets you create, edit, and match palettes effortlessly. Dive into UI kits or upload an image to discover its palette.

muzli colors
Material Design Palette

Pick two colors and watch Material Design Palette do its magic, offering a full palette and shades with hex codes. Available in various formats for download.

material design palette
Colourcode’s Palette Builder

Find unique color combinations with Colourcode’s intuitive UI. Just move your cursor and adjust with dials for the perfect palette.

colourcode palette builder
Color Inspire

Ales Nesetril brings you curated palettes right from his artistic explorations on Instagram. Dive into a world of color for endless inspiration.

color inspire

Adjust and customize colors to perfection with Colorable. Enter hex codes to check how well your colors match.


Pigment offers a fresh take on color palettes, focusing on lighting and pigment for those of us who prefer creativity over math.

147 Colors

Curious about every CSS color? 147 Colors is your go-to, allowing easy browsing, viewing, and filtering to design the perfect palette.

Adobe Color

Formerly known as Adobe Kuler, Adobe Color is among the most favored features offered by Adobe for mixing colors. It’s a go-to for designers looking to craft the perfect palette.

Adobe Color interface showcasing color wheel and palettes

ColourLovers is a vibrant community for those passionate about colors. It’s a treasure trove of images and their color palettes, ready for you to explore and use in your projects.

ColourLovers website screenshot with colorful palettes

Coolors is your go-to for speedy color scheme generation. It’s incredibly user-friendly, letting you swiftly create and share color palettes. By selecting the main color from images, it uncovers perfect color matches for your design.

Color Snapper 2

Exclusively for Mac users, Color Snapper 2 is a dream tool for graphic designers. It’s crafted to let you experiment, fine-tune, organize, save, and export colors directly from your screen with ease.

Color Snapper 2 application interface

Colordot is a fantastic tool for both web and iOS, enabling you to effortlessly create and share color schemes. Whether with a tap of your finger or a snapshot from your camera, selecting colors has never been more intuitive.

Colordot app interface showing color selection

For a straightforward and effective color picking experience, cccolor is your tool. Not just a color picker, but also a HEX/RGB/HSL converter, it simplifies finding the ideal colors for your designs. Plus, it offers palettes of tints, shades, and tones based on your selected colors.

cccolor interface with color selection and palette generation
Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture turns any photo into a color palette, brush, or pattern with just a click. Whether you’re on your desktop or on the move with your mobile, it brings your creative ideas to life.

Example of a color palette created with Adobe Capture
LOL Colors

Curated by Mackenzie Child, LOL Colors offers a palette of inspiration with clickable colorful teardrops and ready-to-copy hex codes. It’s a playground of color for designers looking for the perfect match.

LOL colors

Gradients.io is perfect for those who love gradient fills. With a collection of squares in various color palettes, complete with hex codes, it makes choosing and using gradients a breeze.

Sample gradients from Gradients.io
Color Hunter

Find an image you love, upload it to Color Hunter, and watch as it crafts a color palette inspired by your image. It’s an invaluable tool for designers seeking color inspiration from their favorite visuals.

Color palette generated by Color Hunter

With TinEye, dive into a sea of over 20 million Creative Commons images from Flickr and extract the colors you need. Adjust the dividers, add tags, and find the perfect color for your project.


Paletton is designed for graphic designers aiming to create websites with harmonious color combinations. Explore pre-made palettes or craft your own, ensuring your site stands out in just the right way.

Paletton tool showing color scheme options
Color Explorer

Color Explorer takes color analysis to the next level. This comprehensive tool allows you to create, analyze, and fine-tune your color schemes with ease—and it’s completely free.

Color Explorer interface showcasing color scheme analysis

0to255 is a handy tool that finds varying shades of any color, making it easier to discover everything from lighter tints to darker tones of your chosen hue.


For tablet users, ColorRotate offers a revolutionary way to edit colors with its 3D color space. It gives you unparalleled control over your palette, making color editing both intuitive and engaging.

ColorRotate app showcasing 3D color editing

SpyColor.com is a treasure trove for color enthusiasts, offering detailed information on any color, including conversions across various color models like RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, and more. It’s a playground for creating color schemes that pop, from complementary to clash and beyond.

SpyColor.com interface displaying color information and schemes

Designspiration becomes your muse when you select up to five colors from its vast palette. Watch as it conjures up a collection of images from its database that perfectly match your selected color combination, inspiring your next design project.


ColorZilla, available as a Firefox and Google Chrome plugin, is an all-in-one solution featuring a color picker, eye-dropper, CSS gradient generator, and palette browser. It’s an essential toolkit for digital artists and web designers alike.

ColorZilla plugin in action
Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a vibrant social media platform for color enthusiasts. Here, you can explore handpicked color palettes, finding inspiration among the Hot, Popular, or Random selections for your next design project.

Color Hunt website showcasing color palettes
Material UI Colors

For those who love material design, Material UI Colors offers an excellent resource for picking contrasting colors. It simplifies the process of finding harmonious colors for your UI designs.

Material UI Colors interface

ColorDrop is your palette paradise, featuring hundreds of stunning color combinations. With easy navigation through “Favourites” and “Flat Colors,” you’ll find the perfect palette for any project in no time.

ColorDrop showcasing various color palettes