100+ Useful Notion Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands

Master Notion with over 100 keyboard shortcuts and commands. From content styling to block management, optimize your workflow and boost productivity.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace and notes-taking app that combines the best of task management, wikis, and databases. Enhanced with AI-powered features, it’s a great tool ideal for individuals, freelancers, and teams looking to streamline their workflow and organize their ideas. Whether you’re a student managing assignments, a project manager overseeing tasks, or a writer crafting your next piece, Notion offers a customizable platform to meet your diverse needs.

Notion alternatives includes: Evernote, OneNote, Apple Notes, and Google Keep. (See all).
Notion interface

This post is designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of Notion keyboard shortcuts, helping you maximize the utility of this powerfu tool.

Common Shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Create new page (desktop) Control + N Command + N
Open new window (desktop) Control + Shift + N Command + Shift + N
Open page as new window (desktop) Alt + Shift + Click Option + Shift + Click
Open link as new tab (desktop) Control + Click Command + Click
Create new tab (desktop) Control + T Command + T
Open search/recent page Control + P Command + P
Copy page URL Control + L Command + L
Go back a page Control + [ Command + [
Go forward a page Control + ] Command + ]
Previous database page (peek) Control + K Control + Shift + K
Next database page (peek) Control + J Control + Shift + J
Toggle dark/light mode Control + Shift + L Command + Shift + L

Content Markdown

Action Windows and Mac
Bold text 1 **
Italicize text 1 *
Create inline code 1 ```
Strikethrough text 1 ~
Create bulleted list 2 *, -, or + followed by Space
Create to-do checkbox 2 [] followed by Space
Create numbered list 2 1., a., or i. followed by Space
Create H1 heading 2 # followed by Space
Create H2 sub-heading 2 ## followed by Space
Create H3 sub-heading 2 ### followed by Space
Create toggle list 2 > followed by Space
Create quote block 2 " followed by Space


  • 1 Command can be used while typing.
  • 2 Command can be used at the beginning of a new line.

Content Styling

Action Windows Mac
Insert Text Enter
Line Break Shift + Enter
Create Comment Control + Shift + M Command + Shift + M
Insert Divider ---
Bold Text Control + B Command + B
Italicize Text Control + I Command + I
Underline Text Control + U Command + U
Strikethrough Text Control + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Add Link Control + K Command + K
Inline Code Control + E Command + E
Indent Content Tab
Un-nest Content Shift + Tab
Change Block Type /turn
Change Text Color /color
Create Text Control + Shift + 0 Command + Option + 0
Create H1 Heading Control + Shift + 1 Command + Option + 1
Create H2 Heading Control + Shift + 2 Command + Option + 2
Create H3 Heading Control + Shift + 3 Command + Option + 3
Create To-Do Checkbox Control + Shift + 4 Command + Option + 4
Create Bulleted List Control + Shift + 5 Command + Option + 5
Create Numbered List Control + Shift + 6 Command + Option + 6
Create Toggle List Control + Shift + 7 Command + Option + 7
Create Code Block Control + Shift + 8 Command + Option + 8
Create New Page Control + Shift + 9 Command + Option + 9
Zoom In Control + + Command + +
Zoom Out Control + Command +
Go Up One Level Control + Shift + U Command + Shift + U
Duplicate Content Alt + Drag and Drop Option + Drag and Drop


Action Windows Mac
Select Current Block Escape
Select Block with Cursor Control + A Command + A
Toggle Full-Screen Image Space
Select Different Block Arrow Keys
Expand Selection Shift + /
Select/De-select Entire Block Alt + Shift + Click Command + Shift + Click
Select Blocks in Between Shift + Click
Delete Selected Blocks Delete
Duplicate Selected Blocks Control + D Command + D
Edit Text in Selected Block Enter
Edit Selected Blocks Control + / Command + /
Edit Multiple Rows in Database Control + / Command + /
Move Selected Block Control + Shift + Arrow Keys Command + Shift + Arrow Keys
Toggle All Lists Control + Alt + T Command + Option + T
Apply Last Text/Highlight Color Control + Shift + H Command + Shift + H
Modify Current Block Control + Enter Command + Enter

Other Commands

Here are the shortcuts for using @, [[, + and /.

The @ Commands
Action Windows and Mac
Mention a Person Type @ plus a member’s name for mentions.
Mention a Page Type @ plus a page name to link it.
Mention a Date Type @ plus a date for due dates.
Add a Reminder Type @remind plus a date to set a reminder.
Dismiss @ Command Menu Press Esc to dismiss.
The [[ Commands
Action Windows and Mac
Link a Page Type [[ plus a page name to link it.
Create a Sub-Page Type [[ plus sub-page name and select “+ Add new sub-page.”
Create a New Page Elsewhere Type [[ plus page name, select “↗ Add new page in…” and choose location.
The + Commands
Action Windows and Mac
Create a Sub-Page Type + plus sub-page name and select “+ Add new sub-page.”
Create a New Page Elsewhere Type + plus page name, select “↗ Add new page in…” and choose location.
Link a Page Type + plus a page name to link it.
The / Commands
Action Windows and Mac
Create Text Block /text or /plain
Create New Page /page
Create Bulleted List /bullet
Create Numbered List /num
Create To-Do List /todo
Create Toggle List /toggle
Create Divider /div
Create Quote Block /quote
Create Large Heading /h1 or /#
Create Medium Heading /h2 or /##
Create Small Heading /h3 or /###
Create Link /link
Mention Page or Person /mention
Add Timestamp or Reminder /date or /reminder
Add TeX Formula /equation
Access Emoji Picker /emoji
Add / Upload Image /image
Add PDF from URL /pdf
Create Web Bookmark /book
Add / Upload Video /video
Add / Upload Audio /audio
Create Code Block /code
Add / Upload File /file
Add Other Files /embed
Create Comment /comment
Duplicate Block /duplicate
Move / Relocate Block /moveto
Delete Block /delete
Create Table of Contents /toc
Add / Duplicate Template and Button /button or /template
Insert Breadcrumb Menu /bread
Write Mathematical TeX Equations /math or /latex