Cricut Design Space Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

For all the art and crafting enthusiasts, Cricut’s Design Space is where all the magic happens. From designing (for some) to arranging your design items all the way to cutting them with your Cricut machine.

Cricut Design Space shortcuts

Whether you are new to Design Space or already a veteran user, it’s always great to have its keyboard shortcuts up your sleeve to move around faster in the design space. Here’s a list of all available Design Space shortcuts, for both Mac and Windows users.

These keyboard shortcuts work in the "Canvas" tab of your Cricut Design Space; they will not work in the "Home" tab.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Mac Windows
Save Project Command + S Control + S
Undo Command + Z Control + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z Control + Shift + Z
Toggle Grid Background Shift + G

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Items

Action Mac Windows
Cut/Remove item Command + X Control + X
Copy item Command + C Control + C
Paste item Command + V Control + V
Duplicate item Command + D Control + D

Keyboard Shortcuts for Layers

Action Mac Windows
Select All Layers Command + A Control + A
Deselect All Layers Esc
Group All Layers Command + A then Command + G Control + A then Control + G
Group Selected Layers Command + G Control + G
Ungroup Layers Command + Shift + G Control + Shift + G
Bring Layer Forward Command + ] Control + ]
Send Layer Backward Command + [ Control + [
Bring Layer to Front Command + Shift + ] Control + Shift + ]
Send Layer to Back Command + Shift + [ Control + Shift + [

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Mac Windows
Zoom In Command + + Control + +
Zoom Out Command + Control +
Zoom to 100% Command + 0 Control + 0
Zoom to Fit Screen Command + 1 Control + 1
Zoom to Specific Layer Command + 2 Control + 2
Zoom to Specific Selection Hold Z and drag.

Shortcuts to use a mouse

* Requires your mouse to have a wheel.

Action Mac Windows
Pan Around Canvas Hold Space and drag.
Quick Duplicate Hold Option and drag item. Hold Alt and drag item.
Zoom In * Hold Command and scroll up. Hold Control and scroll up.
Zoom Out * Hold Command and scroll down. Hold Control and scroll down.