A Tiny Man’s Great Journey – Photo Manipulation by Zev

We all aspire to showcase our skills in Photoshop, as it enables us to create extraordinary things. With sufficient time and practice, the range of photo manipulations you can craft is only constrained by the sky, or by how intricate you can get with your subjects.

The following is a selection of 12 photos from the portfolio of Zev “Fiddle Oaks“. They depict a world closely resembling our own, but with a subtle twist: the subjects are three-inches tall. Embark on an enchanting journey with our protagonist, Zev, as he navigates you through a tiny man’s grand adventure.

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Build – Gives new meaning to the phrase, building a house of cards.


Air – I love how the character blends into the atmosphere seamlessly, creating a fantasy effect. Also it reminded me of my own dream where I can fly across the world seeking adventure in new worlds.


Around the World – Going on a flight powered by origami cranes must be a lot of fun.

around the world

Home Sweet Home – Here’s where Zev’s age gives him an advantage – his imagination is a breath of fresh air. Here’s a fun version of a treehouse, made with broccoli.

home sweet home

Of Springtimes Past – Ferns used to fill the lands in one point in time. This makes it almost a step back in time.

of springtime past

Sail – Are you ready to sail into the wind? Captured in motion: an amazing feat.


Summer Tales – Zev’s processing skill is slick enough to make his manipulation look like a romantic scene from a movie, complete with a boat ride a a candlelit meeting.

summer tales

Happy Halloween – The cool moment of life that uh, you probably don’t want to experience. On a lighter note, the lighting is rendered completely by candlelight alone.

happy halloween

The Fire – Rise, rise my flames! I command thee (watch where you step).

the fire

They Thought the Race – Setting: a branch as a bridge, a creek as a raging river, while the pint-sized hero remains a hero.

they thought the race

From Afar – The squirrel is ready to rumble. Go grandma! (She’s keeping it cool, guys).

from afar

Grandfather’s Watch – Ever wondered how he nailed this photo manipulation? Zev is kind enough to explain in this behind-the-scene post!

grandfather's watch