50 Adorable Photos of Danbo That Make you go Awww!

So in this showcase, we are gonna show you 50 lovely cardboard sets. What? Yes, to be exact, 50 photos of different scenes with a lovely combined set of cardboards named Danbo.

Originally created by Japanese artist Kiyohiko Azuma in his manga “Yotsuba&!“, Danbo was originally intended to be a fake and funny robot which a human wears a combined set of cardboards, and interacts only when other puts coin into the slot located on its body. Amazon Japan spotted the idea, and used it for marketing, and it was a tremendous success.

Since then, photographers everywhere were inspired to make something really fun and even artistic with the Danbo, and this post serves to be a collection of awesome Danbo photos for you to enjoy and even experience some of the most beautiful moments of mini Danbo’s life!

Spend a moment with this post if you didn’t smile for some days, it’ll be interesting – we promise :-)

A Sunny Day. Have this beautiful photograph brighten your day, after all Danbo is just about bringing smile to everybody! (Image Source: Crusade)

a sunny day

Battle Breakdance. Toys having breakdance party when you’re not around them. (Image Source: antty)

battle breakdance

Be Careful. “Don’t worry, I will catch you if you fall.” (Image Source: antty)

be careful

Can I Live With You. Try to make a touching story from this photograph! (Image Source: M. Al-Dhafeeri “Pirate”)

can i live with you

Crucified Danbo. “Bid D wanted to teach the boys about religion so he lets them watch the life of Brian. After it had finished they crucified him on the top of a hill and poked him with sticks….little buggers.” (Image Source: Jdub-uk)

crucified danbo

Danbo’s Bath Time. “Well thank goodness the duckie is placed strategically so Danbo won’t be embarrassed!” – K D T (Image Source: Vanessa Do)

danbos bath time

Danbo Busking. Little Danbo was trying hard to earn himself some extra bucks with his musical talent. (Image Source: Jdub-uk)

danbo busking

Danbo’s Family Trip. “Don’t get naughty, look at the camera first!” (Image Source: bientôt la camisole)

danbos family trip

Danbo Graffiti. “Big D is teaching his boys some of the things he learned in prison, today’s lesson is the graffiti, the boys were thrilled and couldn’t wait to get out there and start tagging walls.” (Image Source: Jdub-uk)

danbo graffiti

Danbo Mousetrap. “Is it some sort of planking?” (Image Source: Jdub-uk)

danbo mousetrap

Driving Around. “Sup dude? Check out my new ride.” (Image Source: Oliver Totzke)

driving around

Fail Truck. “The truck won’t move no matter how much I push.” (Image Source: antty)

fail truck

Flying Kite. Today Danbo tried the kite, and it seems that he can play it really well. (Image Source: Crusade)

flying kite

Going To The Beach. “Don’t go into the water, and beware of the giant crab!” (Image Source: MurderWithMirrors)

going to the beach

How to Catch a Fish. Even got an explanation sheet there! (Image Source: M. Al-Dhafeeri “Pirate”)

how to catch a fish

I Crown You. “Danbo don’t cover my eyes I can’t see anything…” (Image Source: Rajendran Rajesh)

i crown you

In the Evening. Nothing is better than enjoying the wind in the evening. (Image Source: Oliver Totzke)

in the evening

Lil Danbo Got Scared. I sincerely hope I can meet one in the street. (Image Source: Rajendran Rajesh)

lil danbo got scared

Little Artist. “Danbo doesn’t give a damn about what you think, she shoots whatever she wants with her DSLR.” (Image Source: antty)


Me vs Danbo. There will be only 1 real man staying alive after this. (Image Source: Stewie Santos)

me vs danbo

No Fishing. The rule is created for human, not Danbo. (Image Source: Jdub-uk)

no fishing

Oh, a Snail! “Look, what we have found outdoor today… A snail! The snail was sooooo slow… I would like to ride on it, but I was too shy. I hope we meet again one day, then maybe I have more courage :)” (Image Source: Oliver Totzke)

oh a snail

Rainy Days. “Don’t get cold, use this.” (Image Source: antty)

rainy days

Stroll. A lovely Danbo family, and some nice bokeh here. (Image Source: antty)


Sun Bathing. “Guess who I am! No cheating please!” (Image Source: antty)

sun bathing

Sweet! It’s not me, I didn’t give it a bite! (Image Source: Flocke)


The Hitchhiker. Mind to give me a free ride? Please? (Image Source: ronald23cgn)

the hitchhiker

The Suspect. Guilty for being too cute! (Image Source: Reda Aouad)

the suspect

Tooth Pick Warriors. Today we gonna decide who deserves the title of Toothpick Knight! (Image Source: Pat Landor)

tooth pick warriors

Wanna Mess with Us? We thought you learned the lesson from those piggies. (Image Source: Aditya X)

wanna mess with us


I believe in fact we are experiencing what the Danbo is “experiencing” in the photographs, but only the photo looks more artistic. Despite its cuteness, what Danbo showed to me is we should appreciate every moment of our life, for all of them are beautiful and precious.

50 photographs are never enough to show how cute is Danbo, so if you got one please share with us! Waiting for your kind comment then!

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