30 Amazing Photo Manipulation of Fire and Flames

Truly, human civilization cannot be built up without fire. Since the control of the fire by early humans, it has been with us for around 125,000 years, witnessing the rise and fall of human civilizations. Unlike calm water with inner beauty, bright fire has garnered lots of attention, thus inspiring many great human artists to create art about it, the art of fire.

Until the digital era, there are still artists who never ceased to create more and more inspiring and, indeed, very hot digital artworks to impress the audience, thus born this post which will showcase you 30 fiery digital artworks which greatly utilize the fire element to let the entire artwork shines very, very brightly.

So take your time to enjoy them, and let your eyes and mind be ignited by these furious and impressive artworks!

#1 – Be On Fire

First up is a really dark and cool fire photo manipulation done by Sed-rah. I love the entire composition as the fire really makes the dancer looks more lively and of course, more epic.

(Image Source: Sed-rah)

be on fire
#2 – Bulb

No enough brightness? How about a burning light bulb for you? I must say the fire is seriously awesome.

(Image Source: Vlademareous)

#3 – Burning

A great work that demonstrates how powerful and terrible fire can be. There’s also a tutorial available for you to create the similar effect.

(Image Source: Francesco Mugnai)

#4 – Center

A creative way to express the fire in art, beautifully done.

(Image Source: sadeq khanchi)

#5 – Corrida In Flames

Seriously hot and cool at the same time! Might be a perfect advertisement for Red Bull!

(Image Source: Adomas Jazdauskas)

corrida in flames
#6 – Death’s Head

“Visually, I wanted to create a jack-o-lantern effect with the skull. Instead of the skull burning up and around itself, I wanted it to burn from the inside out. It took a lot of experimenting to emulate the glowing ember effect but I’m very pleased of the way it turned out.”

(Image Source: Kiren Bagchee)

deaths head
#7 – Fiery Cocktail

“Shot, retouch and photo-manipulation. Illustration done for advertising cocktail on a bar in night clubs.”

(Image Source: Platon Ivantsov)

fiery cocktail
#8 – Fiery Flower

It looks like vector flower on fire, but I must say it looks hot, and beautiful.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery flower
#9 – Fiery Flower

Here comes an even hotter flower! Love the flower part, and smoke did really good job in bringing up the feeling of heat.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery flower
#10 – Fiery Flower

Flower from hell! But how come it can be so beautiful?

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery flower 3
#11 – Fiery Girl

Girl is hot, especially when she’s on fire.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery girl
#12 – Fiery Guitar

I believe every passionate guitarist will like to have this burning guitar, anyway the fire is very well processed that it looks like the real one.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery guitar
#13 – Fiery Horse

A fiery and spiritful horse. Surprisingly that instead of tiger or lion, horse is more commonly the subject of fire art, maybe it’s related with the word, “horsepower”.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery horse
#14 – Fiery Love

We know love is hot, but can we maintain its heat forever? A glamorous piece by the way.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery love
#15 – Fiery Music Symbol

Music is only beautiful when there’s fiery passion inside it.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery music symbol
#16 – Fiery Symbol

Probably the hottest and coolest Euro sign I’ve ever seen. There’s also an At sign (@) version available here, and for sure it’s very hot too!

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery symbol
#17 – Fire Dancer

Was stunned by the creativity of this piece, dance with fire, all I can say is great and inspiring one.

(Image Source: tomer666)

fire dancer
#18 – Fire Heart

Love is fire, that’s really true. You can view the money sign with similar effect in its Behance page.

(Image Source: Oleg Osharov)

fire heart
#19 – Fire Horse

Yet another fire horse but with a more fantasy, and somehow cute appearance.

(Image Source: salhi)

fire horse
#20 – Fire Princess

It’s really hard to achieve the effect that the fire burns around the cloth, but whiteyellow did it perfectly.

(Image Source: whiteyellow)

fire princess
#21 – Fire Style

Raging fire expressing the Chinese word, Fire. Also get on its Behance page to view the Water, Wind and Earth version.

(Image Source: Vigan Tafili)

fire style
#22 – From The Fire

A blazing phoenix done by Supagray, you will not believe this great work is created by these boring sources.

(Image Source: Worth1000)

from the fire
#23 – Hellacious Flaming Skull

Hellacious flaming skull with vengeance expression. You can actually learn to create it through the tutorial!

(Image Source: PSDTuts)

hellacious flaming skull
#24 – Keep On Fire

Mythical masterpiece done with great detail and colors, burning tree has something to do with supernatural occurrence in Christian studies.

(Image Source: RDN)

keep on fire
#25 – Liberty

“Liberty, of course, for some, inaccessible to others. Blessed is, he who can keep them up to his death in the spirit.”

(Image Source: Drezdany)

#26 – Ouroboro

“The ancient symbol Ouroboro, a snake eating its own tail. A symbol of eternity, the eternal return.”

(Image Source: Pedro Chamusca)

#27 – Reach The Limits

Beautiful nebula and glaring flares, I will say the same with other commentators in Behance: great composition.

(Image Source: Xavier Bourdil)

reach the limits
#28 – Sorrowfire

“The last long exhale of an elemental, willingly giving himself to mortality by leaping into the ocean and thus submerging his body in his only fatal foe. Heartbreak can suddenly turn immortality into a fate worse than death.”

(Image Source: xxPassion)

#29 – Volcano

What if volcano is a human? This furious work will help you imagine about it. Deadly feral and cool.

(Image Source: Didier13)

#30 – Fiery Jazz

Hot and funky, it talks about jazz.

(Image Source: Mi9)

fiery jazz


There’s no doubt about it, I do really feel the heat when I’m doing this showcase post (maybe it’s because I’m looking hundreds of them at once)! They’re so real and most importantly, detailed, making me really admired the fiery passion that artist put into creating the work. Two thumbs up for artists, your skill is really hot!

Witnessed some great fire digital artworks with the spark of inspiration? Do share with us to fuel up each other’s creativity! :)