35 Imaginative “Hands And Fingers” Photo Manipulations

Hands and fingers are the greatest assets of every human born in this world. With hands and fingers, human-created great arts that shine in human history. They are really great, but can they be artistic as well? It’s hard to answer this kind of question with a ‘no’, especially in this technological age, when everything can possibly become art with the might of creativity and the power of Photoshop.

In this showcase, you won’t see any regular hands and fingers, as we brought to you 35 manipulation works with artistic attempts on hands and fingers. So let’s see what artists and designers can do when it comes to brushing up their own hands and fingers!

25 Fingers. Aside from its seamless manipulation, this work is so great that it makes me actually think that having 30 fingers look really cool! Well, I have to confess that as a developer, I would like to have a hand like this. (Image Source: Alexandre Guilbeault)

25 fingers

Multi Hands. Another really cool one with awesome manipulation applied. (Image Source: j.walsh)

multi hands

A Handful. “I would be so much better at piano…” (Image Source: pwnedbyryan)

a handful

Again, I Say… For everything you do, there might be an eye watching you. (Image Source: 0 W8ing)

again i say

Arms Break, Vases Don’t. Sometimes if you are too careless, your hand will go wrong on you! (Image Source: alltelleringet)

arms break, vases don't

Being M.C. Escher. So which one is the real hand? A nice one! (Image Source: billyboingo)

being m.c. escher

Candlehand. Looks great, and what’s greater with this photo: it’s completely real! (Image Source: Bradi)


Chase Your Love. Killer metallic effect. (Image Source: SubhadipKoley)

chase your love

Cyborg Hand. The day you know you’re not your father’s son. (Image Source: Naikoivanenko)

cyborg hand

Don’t Preach. Which one is the real hand? Or which one is the photo? (Image Source: haribahagia)

don't preach

FingBods. “Hey man, what’s weird about me?” (Image Source: Sterzy Hunter)


Finger Killer. It’s a magnum, for sure. (Image Source: thecolourushproject)

finger killer

Flaming Fingertips. This actually makes you think about it, wonderful piece. (Image Source: PhilipHolm)

flaming fingertips

Give Me A Hand. It’s like these hands got some personalities! (Image Source: tiagogmc)

give me a hand

Gold Fish In My Hand. Very sleek manipulation with amazing uses of colors! (Image Source: sertanarig)

goldfish in my hand

Handed. How many fingers in total? You will never get it right. (Image Source: Õri Balázs)


Hands. I have to say, the 3rd hand is epic. Amusing and unique one! (Image Source: cute0designer)


Hands. Could be what you’ll see when you did too much Photoshop stuff! (Image Source: justyourtype)


I Love Chocolate!! The expressions are priceless, and I believe it will be troublesome to live with these kinda annoying fingers. (Image Source: Manu Pombrol)

i love chocolate

M&M’s Chocolate Candy. Cute or haunting? Different people will have different thoughts about this piece. (Image Source: erwin mallari)

m&m's chocolate candy

Mutant Cell Pearl. Yikes! (Image Source: Tavieo Sawyer)

mutant cell pearl

My Kind Of Angel. “As an artist, I soar high to the limitless boundaries of my imagination through art, and I enable myself to fly with my bare hands.” (Image Source: Alvin Adriano)

my kind of angel

Orchestra. More hands are surely cooler. (Image Source: Manu Pombrol)


Pyro. Great manipulation and lighting gave me a feeling that the photo is expressing something. (Image Source: Tom Miatke)


Save the Earth. Unique manipulation work with great details inside it. (Image Source: Fayaz Mohamed)

save the earth

Screaming Hand. You can’t have a quiet environment with this kind of hand. (Image Source: Lintza)

screaming hand

Some Skills. I doubt its usability, great concept though! (Image Source: Julio Mello)

img src=”https://assets.hongkiat.com/uploads/hands-fingers-manipulation/some-skills.jpg” alt=”some skills” width=”600″ height=”467″ />

Spander. Never thought the evolution of the spider could be that similar to human hands. (Image Source: Coltography)


Working Fingers. I always imagine if I could just lie on the bed and type on the keyboard like this. Beautiful hand by the way. (Image Source: saibia)

working fingers

You Are What You Eat. The amusing idea with a classic quote, well done! (Image Source: Dimaci)

you are what you eat

You Will Never Be Alone. There’s always a helping hand for you. (Image Source: Olivia Ariferiani)

you will never be alone


So now you see, hands and fingers could not only make interesting stuff, they could also be interesting by themselves! In fact I was quite doubtful that what would be the manipulation works of hands and fingers look like when I just started to search for them here and there, and I didn’t regret to compile them into a showcase, just like they didn’t fail to inspire and/or amuse me!

Which one would you choose to customize your hand to? Oh! The question should be, which manipulation piece you like in this showcase! Do let us know your favorite(s)!

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