How to Clear All Traces of Your Internet Activity

[Windows only] Everyday we perform hundreds of activities on Internet and each activity actually has been recorded down in a form of cookies, logs or temporary internet files. Some of these files are useful, but some actually do harm.

It would be safe to clean out unwanted traces of your online journeys and keep you Internet privacy after accessing some security website, for example, online banking website.

IE Privacy Keeper

IE Privacy Keeper takes the burden of sweeping up the crumbs by making sure no one will know the web sites you’ve visited, or the search queries you’ve made.

Regardless you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, IE Privacy Keeper automatically cleans up the browser history once you are done surfing the net. The program will correctly clean up all index.dat files without the need for a Windows restart.

idx ie
idx ff

You can specify custom files and registry keys to delete. IE Privacy Keeper has secure deletion feature to prevent data recovery and conceal the cleanup.

You can keep selective items in the browsing history and hide the program form the list of running applications. Secure deletion will make any attempts to recover deleted items fail.

IE Privacy Keeper

Here are some key features of “IE Privacy Keeper”:

  • Cleans up Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox history
  • Cleans up index.dat files without the need for a Windows restart
  • Keep selected items
  • Cleans up your offline activity traces
  • Cleans up custom folders and registry keys
  • Automatically cleans up when IE or Firefox exits
  • Various notification methods
  • Secure deletion

Download IE Privacy Keeper (1Mb)

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