15 People Search Engines to Find Old Friends

Today, almost everyone has some kind of presence on the internet; direct or indirect. So it’s really easy to find anyone if you do a proper online search. In your search for people, people search engines can help immensely.

These search engines dig deep into online records to look for people using different parameters. If you are looking for someone special or just want to say thank you to the guy who saved you from that bully in high school, you can take advantage of any of the below-mentioned people search engines.

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1. Peek You

Peek You - People Search

Peek You uses a similar approach as Pipl when it comes to searching for the database, but it might not be as easy to use. It shows extensive information about a given name or username that might be a little difficult to absorb for novice users.

Peek You offers extensive information, including emails, social profiles, public records, web search results, and people-search-engines for the name you entered.

You will have to comb through all of this information to find the exact match. It is one of the best tools if you want to see the web presence and people-search-engines of people.

2. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch - People Search

The US-only people search engine, ZabaSearch is a great search engine if you are looking for someone in the USA. It will show their phone number, state, and address to track them.

With ZabaSearch, you can run extensive background checks to see anyone’s public records and social presence. There is also an option to send messages directly from the website to people to ask if they are the one you are looking for.

3. Whitepages

Whitepages - People Search

WhitePages shows complete profiles of people living in the USA so you could run background checks or find someone specific. Age and location filters make it easy to pinpoint the right person, and then you can view their profile for more information.

Whitepages has a simple interface and offers a number of features. The information you can get includes family members, public records, contact details, and other business-oriented information.

4. Beenverified

Beenverified - People Search

BeenVerified offers comprehensive information on names, emails, phone numbers, and even properties, but you will have to get paid membership if you want all the information. If you need to run background checks frequently, then BeenVerified might be worth a try.

The most unique feature about BeenVerified is that it can give you detailed information about people in a specific area. All the basic information about people is free, but it can also create a complete profile of selected people for paid members.

5. Address Search

Address Search - People Search

As the name suggests, Address Search lets you do lookups on email addresses and street addresses of people. Limited to only the USA, it will show you email and location of people using the name or other information provided.

Address Search gives you free information on millions of email and mailing addresses. However, it hides both email and street addresses partially to respect people’s privacy. Nevertheless, you can send an email through the website to the person you’re trying to find.

6. Lullar

Lullar - People Search

Lullar is a people search engine specifically made for finding profiles of people on different social media. Some of the social websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Pinterest, etc.

Lullar is the perfect platform if you need to see someone’s presence on multiple social networks. You can provide the name, email, or username of anyone, and it will run a search on popular social media platforms for matching people.

7. Yasni

Yasni - People Search

Yasni might be a little overwhelming, but it can be extremely helpful if you manage to pinpoint it. When you search for someone, it will show the usual information for that name. Additionally, you can also look for people based on their working background.

Yasni helps you find people based on professional background. It will show locations and work/title backgrounds at the top so that you can pinpoint the person you’re looking for. This makes it astonishingly easy get specific information about the person you’re interested in.

8. Find People Search

Find People Search - People Search

Find People Search will show the exact address, phone number, and email address of the person you’re searching for, specifically in the US. You can also send them an email, delete their information and set up notifications for more information on the person.

A very easy to use people search engine that offers a good amount of contact information about people. You simply need to provide your name or email address and select the US state where they reside. You can also get a notification when the information is updated for a specific person.

9. TruthFinder

TruthFinder - People Search

TruthFinder lets you search people’s public record including social media, online photos, police record, civil judgement, contact information and other things. Using a score connection, you can enter a person’s first and last name and their city to look up their information.

Through detailed search directories of the TruthFinder, people were successfully able to find their long-lost friend, neighbours, relatives, and acquaintances.

This service, however, only works for US and its different states only.

10. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder - People Search

PeopleFinder has a simple interface that allows you to search anyone through their name, phone number, or home address. You can look up people’s police records, social media accounts, personal assets, and contact information etc.

With over a billion public records, in their database, you can search for anyone within the United States territory. Moreover, the service claims that they’ll never alert the person you’ve searched for so you can do your background check anonymously.

11. Spokeo

Spokeo - People Search

Spokeo has a database of millions of consumer, property, and historical records as well as business and court records. The tool is pretty straightforward and you can use it to look for anyone’s contact, social media, wealth, or other information.

The tool collects its data from hundreds of different sources and cater to thousands of of search queries every day. For some basic search you don’t have to sign up, but for advanced features you need to create an account.

12. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate - People Search

One-click search the public record for anyone living in the United States, CheckMate lets you search your own information or that of your relative or friend’s. They establish a secure connection so you can conduct the search anonymously.

With this search engine, you can find anyone’s criminal and police record, court documents, real age and other particulars required for a background check in just a few clicks.

13. Intelius

Intelius - People Search

Intelius is a search engine to access information on anyone be it a potential employee or an old friend. The information you can look up through this tool includes social media accounts, phone numbers, addresses, criminal records, background checks and more.

Intelius has a database of 20 billion public records gained from different reliable sources. Moreover, they claim that all searches you make will remain private without anyone knowing that you searched for them.

14. Anywho

Anywho - People Search

AnyWho offers yellow pages and people search on one platform. You can look for people through their first/last name or city or residence in the United States. There’s also an option to search people by common last names.

You’ll find the interface to be minimal and simple, plus there are search tips on the site to help you expand your search and get the ideal results.

15. 411COM

411COM - People Search

411COM is a people search engine that also lets you do a reverse phone search, reverse address search, and business search. You can enter a name and city/zip code and it will give you quick results.

In the search results, you’ll get the person’s age, home and phone number, background report, public records, license and permits, and other information. Your identity remains hidden but you can only search people while located in the United States.

Bonus: Google Search

Google Search - People Search

Google Search isn’t actually a people search engine, but it could be the most customizable one. Though Google will show tons of unrelated information, you can take advantage of Google advanced search to pinpoint your search.

Google has data on all the websites and can offer a huge amount of information about anyone or any contact detail. You can customize the search according to your specific requirements. Check out our guide to use Google Search better to understand how you can effectively search for people online.

Bonus: Facebook Friend Browser

Facebook Friend Browser - People Search

You can take advantage of the Facebook Friend Browser to quickly look for people using different parameters. By default, Facebook shows all the people who you have any connection with, but you can also manually search for people. If they have a Facebook profile, then finding them shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Being the biggest social network with 1.79 billion active users, there is a good chance the person you are looking for also has an account on Facebook. There is a search form on Facebook where you can enter the name, hometown, current city, school or occupation, and other profile-related information to find the exact match.