Real-Life Comic Strips for Designers

Ever earned only 25 bucks from a blood-sweat design project? Endless design revision and amendments? Scrapping whole design and start over? Get screwed by client from hell? Like it or not, everything that is mentioned above are the reality for designers.

Well, I understand it not just because I’m one of the victim. There are few illustrators who turn designers’ adventurous life into web comic strips and it will be showcased in this article to entertain us and may be, as a comfort for those who experienced familiar situation. We’ve probably come too far to quit, so why don’t take a coffee break, relax and laugh at the similar fate we share? Have fun!

Freelance Switch

Client Types – 6 types of client from hell summarized in 1 comic strip.

Good Buddy – Friends never know you charge for your design service, and you never dare to tell.

Cost Options – I wonder how evil would be the grandma even if I accepted the offer?

Design Inspiration – Just because client’s mind can never be guessed with logical thinking.

Girlfriend’s Opinion – It’s even worse when years of experience are trumped by a little girl.

Cheaper Than Software – You probably didn’t hear about GIMP or Inkscape, did you?

Design Jargon – I cannot discern that he’s a client or a designer.

It Works – More surprisingly, it’s Arial.

Another Version – Best reason for why a designer shouldn’t charge by the project with flat rate and worse, without revision limit.

Reversal Alchemy – Saddest truth of the design industry.

Client Communication – Where can I get the PDF version of this client translator?

Off White – In the final stage, the client will surely decide to use the first color you put into the design.

The Brads

Uncle – And he uses FrontPage!

Illogical Conclusions – You hired me to design your site, so it should be your fault.

Early Morning – This is surely ‘403 Forbidden’ by most companies.

41 Shades Of Blue – Brilliantly explained why charge by the hour is important for a design project.

New Neighbor – Some kind of guy who thinks he knows about web design.


Worst Case – This is what so-called hardcore designer.

Perfectionism – Avoid this kind of deal whenever possible.

Shock – Sadly, this kind of boss only exist in my dream.

Tools For Fools – That’s why some designers can hardly get a girlfriend.

The Customer Is Always Right! – Often designer has to surrender to the cruel reality, no more objection!

OK/ Cancel

Experienced Designer – You have to learn to say No.

Designer’s Goal – Isn’t this the goal of CEO?

Communication – Lesson: Never have your design manager to pass the word for you.

Collaboration Spirit – It’s the contradiction of collaboration.

Design Management – I wonder if the manager can say the same thing to construction architect.

Design Vs Usability – Argument between designer and usability expert never ends.

Feedback Form – No, we are talking about winning competitor with overloaded features.

WebDesignerDepot Comic Series

The Cheapest – The mistake that most beginning designers would make.

Not Again! – Can you say the same thing to non-designer professional?

One Last Design – It’s time to get into freelance.

Multiple Personalitites – The pain of being your own boss.

The Collector – I wish I have a cousin with this job too.

Just Say It – Overreacted but he said what most designers hope to say.

The Oatmeal

How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell – A heartbroken experience on showing how a heavenly design turns into an ultimate abomination.


We want to thank to FreelanceSwitch, The Brad, Kopozky, OK/Cancel, WebDesignerDepot and The Oatmeal for sharing all these awesomely illustrated comic strips to us. There are more comic strips to enjoy in their own site, so do pay a visit for more fun!

Besides, which comic strip did you enjoy the most? Or should I ask, how many comic strips relate to your life? We do love to hear your sincere sharing!

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