How to Customize Google Plus URL [Quicktip]

Let’s cut to the chase: Google Plus does not provide you with a username (or vanity) URL for your own profile page. Instead, they are using the standard (long) ID in the URL to link visitors to your page. There is no such link as and so it’s hard to tell your friend your direct link by mouth.

Memorizing the long URL is a bad idea, so to direct people to your profile page, you will need to prepare a hyperlink or an icon on your website, or send via link email so they can click on it and link to your Google Plus profile page. Such a hassle.

Well, be hassled no more, with the help of GPlus. GPlus is a simple web app that will let you choose your own username and give you a short, custom link for your Google Plus profile page. Here’s how.

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Customize Google Plus URL with GPlus

Just before you start, go to your Google Plus profile page and copy your ID from the URL. Your ID is as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Google ID

Once copied, go to the GPlus homepage, enter your desired username and paste your Google Plus ID, then click ‘Add‘.


After you click add, GPlus will provide a personalized URL to your Google Plus profile page, and this link is now yours.



GPlus is not associated with Google Plus, therefore the link provided is just a redirect link and not exactly your Google Plus vanity URL. But now when people ask you how to get to your Google Plus profile page, you can just tell them to go to This is definitely a lot easier than a cumbersome long ID. Have you claimed your username yet?