Google’s New reCAPTCHA is Now Invisible

Many of you may be familiar with reCAPTCHA, the system that weeds out online bots by asking users to tick a checkbox in order to verify the user as human. Well, that system is getting an upgrade soon as Google is looking to make reCAPTCHA invisible.

With this invisible reCAPTCHA system, Google will be utilizing machine learning and advanced risk analysis to identify if the individual browsing the website is a human or a bot. Assuming the system detects that you’re human, you’ll be able to browse the website unhindered.

On the other hand, if you were to be flagged as suspicious, you’ll need to complete the standard CAPTCHA task and challenges before you’re allowed to continue browsing the website.

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As for the tech behind this invisible reCAPTCHA system, Google is remaining intentionally vague as to how it all operates in order to prevent bot creators from figuring out how to circumvent the system.