Google Handwrite: Scribble Your Searches on Touch Devices

Google Search on the smartphone can be handy since we can do it via keyword tapping, voice dictation and search by image. Now there’s another new way to start a search on your smartphone – by handwriting.

Google just released a new feature named Google Handwrite for mobile search. Write a query anywhere on your smartphone screen and your handwriting will be recognized and converted into search terms by Google.

Enabling Google Handwrite

Google Handwrite is disabled by default, so you’re required to update your Google mobile search settings in order to turn on Google Handwrite.

  1. First of all, visit Google on your mobile web browser and sign in. After that, scoll down to the bottom of the Google page, tap Settings.

  2. At the "Handwrite" section, tap on Enable to turn on the feature. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap Save. That’s it.

Using Google Handwrite

Now you can use Google Handwrite when starting a query. To activate Google Handwrite, you might need to refresh the Google page first.

  1. You will see the Google Handwrite icon at the lower righthand corner of your smartphone screen.

  2. Tap the icon to start writing your search keyword anywhere on the screen.

  3. Handwritten text will be converted into typeface in the Google search box. If you need to delete a letter, tap the backspace icon.

  4. Tap on an autocompletion itself or the search button to submit your query. Alternatively, you can click the arrow on the right to add the keyword to your query.

  5. To start a new handwrite search, tap the "X" in the Google search box.

Some Tips:

Here are some tips to enhance your Google Handwrite experience.

  1. Google Handwrite understands print writing better than cursive.

  2. Google Handwrite supports symbols like + @ # $ % { } [ ].

  3. Write number one in serif form [ 1 ] and zero with a strikethrough [ Ø ].

  4. Queries can be handwritten in multiple lines.

  5. To switch between keypad and handwrite, simply tap the search box.


Currently, Google Handwrite works for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets and it’s available for 27 languages. Try writing with Google Handwrite with your thumb while holding your phone with the same hand, it’s pretty handy!