20 Cool Gifts Web Developers Would Love

If you are having a tough time thinking of rewarding yourself with a little present, or a web developer you know, then this list is for you. I have here a list of cool gifts that would be great for a web developer, or at least for me.

Due to this being the gift-giving season and all, there is a possibility that these items may be out of stock by the time you get to them but fret not, do check back at the site regularly in case they have restocked it, then quickly order one!


DeviceLab is a responsive development stand. It helps developers test responsive sites all at once by bringing multiple devices together in a single place. ($149)



For the ones who appreciate hand-made items, this item will surely amaze you. These are stunning picture frames with older iPhones and game consoles deconstructed piece-by-piece. These carefully hand-composed frames are nothing less than pieces of art and would make a great addition to your home or workplace.


Ghost Stand

Ghost Stand is a stand that is specially designed for the MacBook. Many web developers work with their MacBook while using an external keyboard and mouse. The stand will elevate MacBook which will allow them to look at the screen comfortably. This polycarbonate transparent stand makes it appear as if the MacBook is floating on thin air. ($34.99)

Ghost Stand

WD My Passport Wireless

There isn’t anything scarier than losing months’ worth of precious data. That’s why having a backup is the first commandment in a web developer’s way of life. Backing up is now so easy, you can do it on your external hard drive wirelessly. One of the best available in the market is the 1 TB WD My Passport Wireless.

Wireless Hard Drive

A DIY Sketch Bundle

Some web developers prefer to draw raw sketches of their websites or apps before writing the code and turning them into a functioning product. Here’s what I suggest you get them, it comprises of a responsive sketch pad, stencil kits for drawing user interfaces, and a geeky delete eraser:

Sketch Pad

Docking Stations

If you know someone who has a messy desk, or people keep telling them that they do, these docking stations can help them reclaim some space from the clutter. They can fit phones, tablets, cables, wallets and keys into these stations, and if you’re lucky, maybe he or she will take the hint and be more organized.

Docking Station

Website Deck of Cards

Tired of mapping out a site’s infrastructure in front a screen? These UX cards can be of some assistance. It is a collection of 53 cards carrying common UIs of websites or apps. These cards are an attractive presentation tool for web developers to showcase their designs to their clients. ($19)

UX Cards

Ergotron Workfit

Want to stand while you do work? The Egotron Workfit is a standing workstation accessory. It raises your laptop so that you can stand more while working to improve your health. ($299.95)

Standing Desk Workstation

QlockTwo Touch

A unique table clock the tells you time with written words instead of numbers. If it is 7.15, the clock will show “fifteen past seven”. This table clock is available in 5 different colors and 12 different languages. A truly stylish accesory for the working desk. ($690)

Table Clock

CSS is Awesome Poster

Have a web developer friend who is a fan of posters? This CSS is Awesome poster comes in 3 color variants: white, black, orange or you can choose your own color combination. It also comes in 3 different sizes: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 inches. ($9-20 depending on size]


Web Design and Development Books

If you know a web developer who loves to read books, grab them some of these recommended titles to help them upgrade their skills a bit:


Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

Many web developers love, no, need coffee to help them stay awake when trying to finalize a project, or for a debugging exercise. This cool-looking coffee maker is the perfect gift to help them grab a quick cup, whenever they need it. ($140)

Coffee Maker

Hand Turbine Charger

Perfect for times of a blackout or when you just can’t find any place to quickly charge up your devices, this charger is powered by you. Just turn the turbine to generate power to charge your phones and tablets. Great for a workout, and for travelers who can’t be without their devices.

Hand Turbine Charger

Ziiro Wrist Watch

A classy wrist watch by Ziiro. Honestly I can hardly tell what time this watch is showing, but I don’t really care. Just look at it! ($221.87)


Beats Fujira Special Edition

I always put my headphones on while working even if I am not listening to anything – it helps me to focus on my work more. Enhanced acoustics and a comfort fit for long hours of musical tunes, this is the perfect accessory to get some last minute work done fast. ($199.95)

Beats by Dre Headphone

Batman Money Clip

If you are a fan of The Dark Knight, then this is a must-have. This tiny Batman batarang is a magnetic clip that holds your money snugly. It makes it easier to pull money out from your tight pockets.

Batarang Money Clip


This is a toy that will "defend" your desk from any intruders. If anyone is near your desk Turret will raise the alarm with audio warnings such as “Target acquired”, “There you are” and “I see you”. Turret is one of the characters from the Portal video game.

Desk Defender

Online Course Subscriptions

Many web developers update their skills through online courses. If you want to gift one, you can try Lynda.com, where you can register a course subscription as a gift, or give them a coupon which they can use to register themselves later. Other good online subscriptions are Tuts+ and TreeHouse. [Prices may vary]

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