30 Geeky Decorations For The Christmas Holiday

Christmas may still be a month away but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas decorations, and food. Year in, year out we’ve been stuck with old-fashioned snowman, angel, ribbon, bell, and shiny ball ornaments. Maybe it’s time we inject some geekiness into this year’s Christmas. If this is what you are looking for, then have we got a list for you.

We’ve compiled about 30 geeky ornaments that you can decorate your own Christmas tree with. Indulge in the various themes you can dress up the tree with and flaunt your tree decorating skills. Pick from an array of Star Wars, Star Trek, comic book superheroes, virtual game characters, computer hardware, and gadgetry to spruce up your Christmas decor this year and give your dad a break.

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Storm Trooper Ornament – Have your own clone army guarding your Christmas tree.

Storm Trooper Ornament

Yoda Ornament – Hang on your tree, I shall.

Yoda Ornament

Queen Amidala Ornament – A true queen of Naboo celebrates Christmas with you.

Queen Amidala Ornament

Darth Vader Ornament – Luke, I am (your gift from) your father.

Darth Vader Ornament

Darth Maul Ornament – The dark side does not favour Christmas, or does it?

Darth Maul Ornament

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Ornament – Santa, you should get one of these to make your rounds.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Ornament

R2D2 Wreath – If only it came together with C-3PO.

R2D2 Wreath

R2D2 Light Set – Great decoration to accompany the R2D2 wreath.

R2D2 Light Set

Yoda Santa Hat – A Merry Christmas, you have.

Yoda Santa Hat

Captain America Ornament – Serving all aspects of society.

Captain America Ornament

Superman Ornament – The Ornament of Steel.

Superman Ornament

Dark Knight Batman Ornament – This will look like it’s jumping off your Christmas tree.

Dark Knight Batman Ornament

Iron Man Helmet Ornament – Made from a PEZ candy dispenser; genius Stark move.

Iron Man Helmet Ornament

Green Lantern Ornament – The power of the ring powers the Christmas lights.

Green Lantern Ornament

The Flash Ornament – Christmas is the only season Flash stops running.

The Flash Ornament

Thor Ornament – The God of Thunder defending Earth this Christmas.

Thor Ornament

Catwoman Ornament – Catwoman is always up to something mischievous.

Catwoman Ornament

Star Trek USS Enterprise Ornament – Christmas, the final holiday of the year. This is the greatest celebration on the starship Enterprise.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Ornament

Star Trek Spock Ornament – Till the next Christmas season; live long and prosper.

Star Trek Spock Ornament

Star Trek Jakes Kirk Ornament – To boldly decorate where no ornament has decorated before.

Star Trek Jakes Kirk Ornament

Computer RAM Ornament – Great Christmas memory upgrade.

Computer RAM Ornament

Pacman Arcade Machine Ornament – Miniature sized arcade machine that’ll definitely stand out.

Pacman Arcade Machine Ornament

Gnome Christmas Plush Ornaments – Give a little Scandinavian touch to your Christmas tree with these cute little gnome decorations. Made with high-quality felt and fabric, you can use them in any kind of setting.

Gnome Christmas Plush Ornaments

Harry Potter Christmas Ornament – For Harry Potter fans, here is the hallmark sorting hat from the movie as a Christmas tree decor. It is made with resin and painted in the most realistic colors.

Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Funny Binary Christmas Tree Computer – This little decoration gives brilliant touch to the Christmas tree of a geek. A binary Christmas tree made of quality ceramic will give a personal touch to any coder or programmer.

Funny Binary Christmas Tree Computer

Book Nerd Ornament – For bibliophiles, here is a Christmas ornament that looks like a heart-shaped bookshelf. The ornament is made out of durable wood material and is pretty versatile.

Book Nerd Ornament

Mjölnir Ornament – All the fans of superheroes, especially Thor would love this ornament shaped like Thor’s hammer Mjölnir. It is made with high-quality plastic and looks pretty realistic.

Mjölnir Ornament

Studded Spider on Web Ornaments – A gold-plated crystal studded spider in web. This ornament will go equally well as a Christmas or a Halloween decoration and will brighten up the environment.

Studded Spider on Web Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament – Super Mario fans can have this cute little Mario figurine with cape as a Christmas decoration. You can hang it on your tree or put it on your desk.

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Harry Potter Exclusive Books Ornament – Harry Potter book lovers will swoon at this amazing Christmas ornament made as Harry Potter book series. The ornament is made super realistic and there’s also a little wand.

Harry Potter Exclusive Books Ornament

Ron Weasley Ornament – Ron Weasley of Harry Potter series can put this cute figurine on their Christmas tree. Made from the resin by Hallmark, you can also put it on your desk or shelf.

Ron Weasley Ornament