15 iPhone Accessories That Should Be In Your Wishlist This Holiday

Christmas is almost here and as much as it is a time for giving, it is also a time to treat yourself well. There are plenty of great gift ideas floating around to celebrate the giving-nature of Christmas and if you own an iPhone, you can check out these 15 ideas of accessories to get for the holidays.

In this collection you’ll see snowproof cases and wallets that lead a double life as a charger, beautiful docks, photography kits for a creative Christmas photoshoot, games that are made for smartphone users, two different ways for you to continue using your iPhone even with gloves on, as well as a DSLR-like lense for your iPhone.

Scroll down, and happy holidays!

Leather Wallet Case 80 ° for iPhone 6 Plus. Made out of super-quality vegetable tanned leather, this wallet case is the perfect companion for your iPhone 6 Plus this Christmas. It also looks stunning as a holiday gift.

[Get it here – $50.72]

Jambox Speaker for iPhone. The Jambox speaker turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system. You can play music, movies and games and fill even the largest of spaces with sound – perfect for noisy parties!

[Get it here – Prices vary according to model]

iPhone 6 Dock. Charge your phone in style with this steady iPhone 6 dock. The stand also sets up your phone for a game or movie session.

[Get it here – $40]

Touch Tonic (for Gloves). This magic tonic will give "touchscreen power" to any gloves you have. No need to buy new special touchscreen gloves or those with cut fingertips – with this tonic everything is much easier!

[Get it here – $20]

Black Diamond iPhone Charging Ambient Dock. This charging dock comes with 3D lighting effects such as rainbow, plasma, flames that can help create a romantic Christmas atmosphere indoors, day or night.

[Get it here – $50]

Photo FX Kit. The Photo FX Kit will help you create the most stunning and festive Christmas photos ever! one bag color flour for color explosions, one glass prism to bend light to your wim, four colored LEDs for light painting (or more), and one rainbow peephole to create beautiful diffractions.

[Get it here – $25]

The Power Wallet. It’s a wallet, a phone case and it charges your phone too! This wallet has a battery inside which can be powered up via your computer.

[Get it here – $79.99]

Game of Phones. Christmas is coming! This set of cards is a great game that involves your smartphones too! It’s a perfect game for a lot of friends and large gatherings.

[Get it here – $20]

Lifedge Waterproof Case for iPhone 5/5s. This awesome iPhone case is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. You can take the phone outside in snowy weather not worrying that it would be damaged even if it falls in the snow!

[Get it here – $125]

Micro Fiber Lens Cleanse Patches. Get your gear ready with these lens-cleaning patches. Ultra-soft with fun patterns to booth, get your screens and lenses clean up and ready for the holiday gatherings.

[Get it here – $12]

The iPhone Telephoto Lens. This awesome telephoto lens gives your iPhone 12x zooming power to shoot object far away from you. For more choices, check out 20 more lenses here.

[Get it here – $35]

Touch Screen Gloves. With these cool gloves you can stay warm and still be able to chat via your iPhone during winter. They are crafted with special fibers on the fingertips to allow it to work on your touchscreen device. The gloves are available in two colors: grey and black.

[Get it here]

Belkin Car Cup Mount. With this Belkin device you can mount your iPhone in your car’s cup holder and see the map while the road trip. It rotates 360 degrees, tilts 90 degrees to lay flat and its base expands to fit any cup holder.

[Get it here – $39.99]

Opena Case – iPhone 5/5S. I’m pretty sure that there are would be a lot of bottles to open at the Christmas party. This iPhone case has a built-in bottle opener, that will come in handy for times like this.

[Get it here – $10]

The Sony QX Lenses. With this super lens you can turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera! It has sharp optics and four-times larger zoom for incredible iPhone photography. It’s a great gadget to shoot family photos.

[Get it here – $349.99]

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