How to Mass Unfollow in Twitter (With a Single Click)

The solution to a bloated Twitter Follow list usually involves the Twitter user going through the entire list and unfollowing individuals one by one. If that sounds like too much work, there’s an extension for Chrome called Twitter Unfollow that adds a “Mass Unfollow’ button to the Twitter page.

The extension’s “Mass Unfollow” button is pretty self-explanatory. By clicking on this button, the extension will enable your Twitter to unfollow every single Twitter account that you’re currently following.

twitter mass unfollow

One thing to note, however, is that the button will only appear on the actual Twitter page. This extension does not work on any web-based Twitter client, like TweetDeck.

If you find that your Twitter Feed is a complete mess, the “Mass Unfollow’ option is very much the nuclear option, wiping out all Twitter accounts that you’ve followed over the years. While it is not exactly the tool you need if you’re just looking to rein in on your Twitter feed, however, those who are looking to refresh their entire Twitter experience may find this extension useful.