20 Free Fonts for Minimalistic Designs

New projects require new fonts, right? There are a lot of free fonts that are quite popular and can be seen almost everywhere around the web, for example, in new website templates, banners, flyers, and so on. If you are beginning to see Open Sans, Bebas, Raleway and Exo used in almost every graphic project that appears these days, time to set yourself apart from the rest with some fresh font choices.

Here are 20 cool and simple fonts that are suitable for minimalistic design. They are 2014-fresh and absolutely free for the download. Also check out our previous posts on:

Universe by Vincent Labonne
Equal by Isaac Taracks
Facile Sans by Twicolabs Design
Thin Line by Gatis Vilaks
Regina by Santino Calvo
Silent Lips by Vincent Labonne
Roboto 2014 by Christian Robertson
Landscape by Gita Elek
PT Sans by Paratype
Fira Sans by Mozilla
Fox & Cat by Jo Aguilar
Niles front by Nail Husyainov
Uni Sans by Fontfabric
REN by Andreas Leonidou
Rise by Benito Ruiz
Form by Blugraphic
Dilem Handwritten by Dilem Akiner
Separator by Simon Stratford
Focus by Egidio Filippetti
Le Super Serif by SuperBruut
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