20+ Awesome Chalk Fonts to Download

Think of chalk and you probably wouldn’t think of it as a font you would choose to use in web design. But you might be surprised at how endearing chalk can be. Just seeing it brings back nostalgic feelings of homework and having to solve math problems at the blackboard with all those eyes at the back of your head. Those were some pretty good times.

But anyways, here are 20 awesome chalk fonts that can help you bring back your sense of youth. And you might be surprised to find that there can be plenty of uses for chalk fonts. For instance, you can use these chalk fonts to create chalkboard posters or invitation printouts for a children’s party. They also look great as classroom or party material or to be used in children’s book covers.

Appleberry by Brittney Murphy Design


Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded by Fontscafe.com

chalk hand

Chalk Line Outline by JLH Fonts

chalk line

Clementine Sketch by Teagan White

clementine sketch

Denne Milk Tea by Denise Bentulan

denne milk tea

Denne Shuffle Euro Hollow by Denise Bentulan

denne shuffle euro hollow

Denne Threedee by Denise Bentulan

denne threedee

Hand Shop Typography A20 by Fontscafe.com

hand shop

Janda Apple Cobbler by Kimberly Geswein

janda apple cobbler

KG Second Chances by Kimberly Geswein

kg second chance

Pea-ellie-bellie by kevinandamanda.com


Sketch College by Galdino Otten

sketch college

Sketch Nice by Galdino Otten

sketch nice

Sketch Serif by Galdino Otten

sketch serif

Tequilla Sunrise by imagex

tequilla sunrise

Universal College Draft by Fontscafe.com

university college draft

Sandwich Paper by Janam

sandwich paper

Villa Didot by artill.de

villa didot

Vintage One by Jake Luedecke

vintage one

WC RoughTrad Bta by WC Fonts

wc roughtrad

Reed of Love by Jonathan S. Harris

reed of love

Return To Sender by Tom Kolter

return to sender

School Book New by Galdino Otten

school book new

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