Stop Receiving Facebook Post Updates After Commenting

We’ve all been caught in this. A friend graduates had a baby, is engaged or posted their cool birthday cake on Facebook and you had not to think twice to comment on it. Then the notifications of ‘X also commented on Y’ starts coming. And coming. And coming. And you can’t make the notifications stop!

Annoyed with too many notifications of posts updates on Facebook after leaving a comment? Thinking of deleting your participation from the thread or topic involved? Actually, we have another idea. There’s actually a way to stop following comment updates on Facebook, and it doesn’t need any extensions and isn’t even a trick.

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Unfollow Facebook Comment Updates

To unfollow comment updates or alert, assuming you have already left a comment on a post, you need to go to the post’s page to unfollow.

  1. From your Facebook Wall or your friend’s Timeline, click on the time stamp of the post you commented earlier (the time stamp may appear as ‘date’ if it has been posted for quite sometime).

    Facebook Post Timestamp

  2. This will bring you to the post’s page, and you will see a link that says ‘Unfollow Post’. Click that link to immediately unfollow the post.

    Unfollow Post

    Alternatively, clicking on comment alert will also direct you to the post’s page where you can find the unfollow link.

Follow Facebook Comment Without Commenting

Now when you click on time stamp of any post on Facebook, it will direct you to the post’s page where you will see the ‘Follow Post’ link. Click on this link to follow the post’s updates without commenting, or you can also use this link to follow back the post you have unfollowed earlier.

Follow Post


With these simple steps, now you can forget the annoying comment updates by simply unfollowing the particular post without deleting your comment. This way, no one would know you have left the conversation. Also, you get to follow comment updates to a status without having to comment first.