12 Fun Arts Made By Everyday Objects and Food

Reality can sometimes be dull, and that’s where the creative inspiration from artists like Victor Nunes comes in handy. Nunes uses his creativity to transform common items like pen caps, biscuits, and rubber bands into artistic representations of life.

Victor Nunes combines 2D drawings with everyday objects in an imaginative way. Here are 12 examples to show you the fun and creativity that emerge when imagination takes over.

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Rubber Band. This is a great first example of the artist’s skill – he creatively shapes rubber bands into various playful art forms.

Creative rubber band art

Bottle Cap. Imagining different uses for simple items can be fun, like turning a red bottle cap into an ‘ON’ button.

Bottle cap as ON button

Cork Plug. A cork plug can lead to a variety of wine-themed creative ideas.

Creative cork plug art

Pen Cap. Try making fun creations with your pen caps when you’re bored. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Artistic pen cap ideas

Razor. It’s amazing how the same razor can be turned into both a cool race car and a snail.

Razor art transformations

Clothespin. A simple clothespin can become a duck bill, a crocodile, and more in the hands of an artist.

Clothespin art ideas

Popcorn. Who knew popcorn could be turned into faces? Check out these creative examples.

Popcorn face art

Dried Apricot. You’ll be surprised at the number of drawings you can create with dried apricots. The possibilities are endless!

Dried apricot drawings

Walnut. These fit perfectly into many artworks, especially the BBQ chicken one. Delicious and creative!

Walnut in art

Breadstick. Look at a breadstick as part of something bigger, and you’ll see the artist’s clever approach.

Breadstick in art

Biscuit. Here’s proof that playing with your food can be both fun and artistic.

Biscuit creativity

Chips. Once you see these chips transformed into art, you won’t be able to look at them the same way again. Is that a face on the chip?

Chips art

Is that everything? Not quite, as Victor Nunes continues to create more in his Facebook album. Visit anytime for a fun exploration of everyday objects and food turned into art!