Fruit turned Animal Art: 30 Creative Creations

Everybody loves fruit! They are great appetizers and the perfect way to start or close a meal! In fact, some artists love them so much, that they make animals out of them!

From a watermelon shark to a banana doggy or a pineapple porcupine, you will be able to see in today’s post extremely cute or cool ‘fruit animals’ that you don’t even feel like eating; let’s stare at them for hours instead!

Not only do these 30 fruit carvings, fruit toys or digital art manipulation of fruit leave you in awe about how much work and precision goes into making them, but it will change the way you look at fruit forever more.

Why, it may even make you want to take out some fruits from your refrigerator and enjoy them together with this full basket of juicy inspiration. Lots of healthy awesomeness after the jump!


Allipotamus. Let’s start off with this mysterious yet somewhat cute watermelon animal! Someone thought it was a hippopotamus, but it’s an alligator, so the uploader calls it Allipotamus!

Image source: ljlh*designs


Watermelon Shark. You should not underestimate the effort of the National Watermelon Promotion Board, as most of their carved watermelons are epic and greatly detailed; just look at the precision involved in making the teeth of this very cool watermelon shark!

Image source: National Watermelon Promotion Board

watermelon shark

Hippo Safari. A fun watermelon hippo that would surely attract both playful adults and kids! Wanna know how it’s done? There are instructions for every watermelon carving that comes out from the National Watermelon Promotion Board!

Image source: National Watermelon Promotion Board

hippo safari

Watermelon Turtle. And here’s a turtle. Who said carving an entire animal out of watermelon is impossible? Here’s another cute one!

Image source: National Watermelon Promotion Board

watermelon turtle

Watermelon Pig. If you own this watermelon pig at a party, chances are the fruits on its body will be finished quickly. Follow the source link to learn the materials required to carve out this cute creature!

Image source: National Watermelon Promotion Board

watermelon pig

Watermelon Dragon. A mystical animal is still an animal. I can’t just skip this masterpiece! Maybe this is where the dragon fruit got its name.

Image source: carvingnations

watermelon dragon

Banana Doggy. How could you eat this cute banana? Though it’s photoshopped, it’s probably possible to achieve it with real banana, and the next showcase piece will explain to you why.

Image source: Enryco

banana doggy

Banana Dragon. Of course, this is done by a kick-ass Asian named Keisuke Yamada. On a side note, the sculpture won’t last long, so this photo is taken quickly before it starts to brown and rot.

Image source: Keisuke Yamada

banana dragon

Banana Poseidon. Definitely the most epic Banana sculpture ever.

Image source: Keisuke Yamada

banana Poseidon

Banana Puppy. Hurting your brain trying to think up the greatest birthday gift for your girlfriend? This may win it or freak her out! Don’t worry about the freshness; this charming little piece is a toy!

Image source: Chocolate-Covered Katie

banana puppy

Orange Tabby Cat. It needs some serious creativity and brainstorming to form this orange cat, complete with full body parts.

Image source: 20th Century Glass Pottery Collectibles

orange tabby cat

Kiwi Koala. No, not that Kiwi, the other Kiwi. I never knew that a Kiwi could be this adorable, and the colors are gorgeous!

Image source: 20th Century Glass Pottery Collectibles

kiwi koala

Strawberry Bear. Don’t let your female friend see this cute fruit toy, or she will ask for one! Oh, did I mention that you could buy these toys by following the source link?

Image source: 20th Century Glass Pottery Collectibles

strawberry bear

Strawberry Cat. Beware, the cuteness level is over 9000 with this one!

Image source: The Meta Picture

strawberry cat

Pineapple Porcupine. Its cuteness is killing me! Definitely the best-designed fruit animal from the Home Grown Veggie.

Image source: 20th Century Glass Pottery Collectibles

pineapple porcupine

Fruit Hoot. “I have an extensive library of fruit photos I’ve taken for my creative work, but alas my pineapple just didn’t have the texture I wanted so I grabbed this pineapple online. I wanted to invert the pineapple so the texture would look like feathers and the top would make an ideal feathery tail.”

Image source: KomodoEmpire

fruit hoot

Owl. You gotta admit it, not many people can come out with this kind of creative fruit owl. Guess how many fruits are used!

Image source: rabidscottsman


Orange Fish. Certainly amusing fruit fishes that you want to bring home, and a lovely job in utilizing the shape of the orange!

Image source: amyjayne10

orange fish

Dog. Nothing is better than a juicy dog cheering you up in the middle of a possibly boring feast!

Image source: Tya226148


Guitarist. Not really sure what this is, but the combination seems awesome. I especially love the guitar and the hands.

Image source: sailorbabe80


Animals Assemble. All starter Pokémons are here, choose one to begin your adventure!

Image source: lovintherain

animals assemble

Underwater. I actually thought this was a photo of a huge aquarium containing real sea animals, until I took a closer look.

Image source: rbj330


Apple Fish. Oh, this apple looks like a fish, or is it a fish that looks like an apple? Well, whatever it is, I salute the Photoshop master Mandrak who made it.

Image source: Mandrak

apple fish

Apple Turkey. Looks nice yet complicated? No worries, here’s the tutorial for you.

Image source: Chica and Jo

apple turkey

Apple Duck. Simple and elegant, that’s what art is.

Image source: gelatoglace

apple duck

Apple Swans. They are not only delicious, but also gorgeous.

Image source: lana_star

apple swans

Kiwi Duck. It may sound easy to carve an apple, but crafting something gorgeous out of kiwi is only possible with skills, skills that people like Adrastia217 have.

Image source: Adrastia217

kiwi duck

Acorn. This is what we always say – you are what you eat.

Image source: ufosgalore


Animal? Though the combination looks good, even the author does not know what this is! I think it’s a pig, what do you see?

Image source: James R. Clark


Bananalisk, Grapeling, Applelord. This is what happens when evolution goes haywire, or if we were invaded by Zerg. Well, the point here is, how could we miss the amazing artwork from the high-quality game series StarCraft!

Image source: Blizzard

bananalisk, grapeling, applelord
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