20 Event Invitation Designs That’ll Impress Your Guests

From grill parties to weddings and birthdays, an invitation card is almost as essential as the event itself. Though you can simply create an event on Facebook, send personalized emails or call people on the phone. However, in our digitally cluttered world, it feels quite special to receive an old-school paper invitation by regular mail.

Unique and creative invitation cards can set the tone and atmosphere for your event in advance. In this showcase, I have put together 20 creative paper invitations for different occasions that will delight and impress your guests.

Memorial Day cookout invitation

This interesting invitation to a grill party features cool illustrations. When you fold it out you see different ingredients placed on the grill.

Boarding pass invitation

These golden wedding invitations are inspired by a fight boarding pass design. The additional tag saying ‘Love is in the air’ gives it a double meaning i.e. air travel and a romantic gesture.

London landmarks beer mat invitation

These nice Save the Date beer mats or coasters feature famous landmarks of London city. It would be a perfect invitation for a typical UK wedding.

NIKEbarWe Run London invite

An invite for the Nike We Run London race that’s made using laser cut design for London landmarks that appear as you open it, and applied golden foil for the text and highlighting architecture details.

Modern Origami wedding invitation

Your guests can experience the traditional art of Origami while opening this delicate wedding invitation. The inside is a simple yet elegant card design.

Vatican invitation cards

The black, unmarked envelope with the Vatican seal is not that simple as it may seem at the fist glance. As you unfold, you receive more and more detail, and finally, you see an invitation card.

Handkerchief Invite

This cute invitation is so much fun. The invitation acts as a coat sleeve or a handkerchief, and the handkerchief itself features a cute roadmap with directions to the wedding.

Live at The Distillery

These invites were created for The Distillery, a creative studio in Sydney. They created a ‘vinyl’ record in a colorful paper sleeve. The sleeves and records have a pleasant texture, playing off of the textural sound you hear when listening to records.

Invitation — For Your Eyes Only

These invitations are designed in the manner of a highly classified information. Multiple layers are wrapped up into a small folder. Every layer has its own function i.e. the outer cover, a map, and the event information.

Venture – the wooden invite

A usual invite you get by regular mail is made using paper, but not this one. Take a look at this highly crafted invitation in the form of a wooden book with a funny character inside.

Wedding stationery

The invitation is designed after a ferry ride ticket since the wedding is held on a boat. It uses blue, white, and red color scheme to keep the theme for the smallest details.

Pomegranate & Orange wedding invitation

The best wedding invitations have multiple layers to entice the receiver, just like this one. This wedding invitation has three layers which are the patterned front sleeve, the illustrated inside the sleeve, and the invitation card.

Color Me Badly wedding invitation

This wedding invitation is a whole package that comes in a tin box and with certain accessories. The illustrated card inside features the bride and groom on the back. They encourage you to color the shapes with colored pencils that come with the package.

Film roll invites

This easy DIY tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your own film roll invites. You can roll the paper over to see the text.

Mosaic 2014 Invitation Kit

These cool invitations were made for 2014 The Singapore Mosaic Music Festival and it uses the same invite design, but in different colors: blue, yellow, and white.

Rachael + Brian’s fabric wedding invitation

The designer (who’s also the bride) combined kraft paper, white ink screen printing, and fabric for her woodland wedding invitations.

No-Melt popsicle invitations

Ideal to go with a summer-themed party, these invitations look like an actual popsicle. You can write the details of the event on the space given at the back side.

Birthday invitation – Quinceanera

This amazing birthday invitation is made in the form of playing cards. You can actually play the cards, all the necessary information about the event is placed on the box.

Floral wedding stationery

This invitation is inspired by the South African Bushveld. While the illustration is detailed, the text within it is very simple. It’s completed with flower pattern and golden envelope.

Travel-Inspired wedding invitation

These wedding invites use travel-inspired items, such as tickets, passports, and maps with a red color accent. It is amazing to see how much attention the designer has paid to the details.