EngageBay All-in-One CRM (Review)

EngageBay is one of the leading names in automation software, especially popular amongst small businesses. It offers a full suite of tools designed to help organizations to streamline their operations to maximize efficiency.

To understand it better, we have laid down a review on EngageBay to see how it works and assess its functionalities as an all-in-one CRM and marketing platform.


Why should you consider using EngageBay?

It’s a given that businesses today need to automate their processes to provide a seamless customer experience.

Besides, automation tools help in reducing operational costs by over 90%, according to a Mckinsey’s report.

Enter EngageBay.

EngageBay is an all-in-one platform that streamlines and automates various aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, and customer service.

It’s award-winning software that bagged the award for the Best Momentum Leader in 2021 by G2.

What makes it popular amongst small business owners is its affordability over its excellent range of functionalities.

The software helps you acquire web visitors and nurture them into leads, providing perfect opportunities to convert those leads into satisfied customers.

EngageBay’s Features:

Let’s break down the features of EngageBay into three categories:

  1. Marketing Bay,
  2. Sales Bay, and
  3. Service Bay.
1. Overview of The Marketing Platform
marketing platform

EngageBay excels in automating all your marketing efforts – from segmenting the audience to analyzing your audience behavior, monitoring your campaign efforts, and scoring leads.

With little to no human intervention, it automates repetitive tasks, such as data entry, report generation, and more. Thus, you get time to focus on strategic tasks that increase work productivity.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Using the EngageBay dashboard, you can easily automate the whole email sending process. You can decide when you will send what messages and to whom, set up the sequences once, and you are good to go.

Moreover, its drag-and-drop builder lets you fully customize its pre-designed templates to send appealing emails to your targeted audience.

Landing Pages

landing. page

EngageBay offers builders that enable you to create a simple, responsive landing page within minutes. It offers many pre-designed templates you can customize per your business needs. You can add or delete content blocks as you like and get full control over your layout.

Website Forms


You can capture leads directly by embedding forms on your website. It offers two types of web forms – popup forms and inline forms. You can add various elements to your forms, including input boxes, radio buttons, and more.

What’s more, you can embed these forms anywhere on your website with ease. The software captures all your subscribers’ information and updates information automatically on your contact base.

Contact Management

contact management

EngagaeBay’s contact management software allows your business to meet customers at multiple touchpoints. It collects and stores all customer interactions across various channels in a single platform, such as emails, calls, chat boxes, and others.

In other words, it centralizes all your contact information and organizes them based on demographic, behavioral, and preferences. This empowers your marketing as well as the sales team to have contextual, meaningful engagement and communication with all your prospects.

Appointment Scheduling

appointment schedule

EngageBay’s appointment scheduler automates the entire scheduling process for webinars, online meetings, product demos, and more. You can share a URL with your leads or clients, who can book appointments at their convenience.

The best part is that the appointment schedule easily syncs with Google Calendar and Office365. No more overlappings!

2. Overview of The Sales Platform

EngageBay’s sales automation is designed to help close sales faster. It offers solutions that eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and automates them to allow the sales team to focus on important tasks such as following up with leads and giving product demos.

360-Degree Customer View

EngageBay gives you a complete overview of every interaction made with your leads. It allows your sales reps to pick up the conversation right from where they left it the last time. They instantly get all the updates about their leads on a single screen, which helps them better serve their customers and close deals faster.

Moreover, it provides deep insights into each customer that helps with cross-selling and upsell opportunities.

Multiple Deal Pipelines

multiple deal pipelines

EngageBay makes it easy to manage your pipelines. You can create multiple sales pipelines for different product categories, demographics, or other parameters and efficiently monitor your sales tasks.

It gives you a clear visualization of all the leads in your pipeline – right from new prospects to closed deals and all the stages in between.

Reporting and Analytics

Using the EngageBay dashboard, you can easily monitor any KPIs you want. It offers a powerful reporting and analytics tool that automatically generates weekly, monthly, and yearly reports for both your marketing and sales campaigns.

Moreover, you can keep track of each sales rep’s individual performance as well as the overall performance of your sales department. It gives you complete insights into deals won, lost, new leads acquired, and more. It even lets you compare your data reports from previous months or years to see how your company is performing.

Task Management

This will delight all the sales managers in the house. Using EngageBay, they can easily assign tasks to each individual and keep track of their progress. This also ensures that no tasks get overlapped, and each employee can be held accountable for their work. Whenever you assign a task, the assignee gets notified automatically.

Similarly, you can automate plenty of other tasks, such as notifying every time a file is shared, a change is made to it, a new lead is generated, or more.

Lead Management

EngageBay lead management platform automates the sales lead capturing process. You can create a workflow based on your lead distribution strategy. It automatically captures your leads and assigns them to the right sales reps.

Moreover, it helps with lead scoring – prioritizing your leads based on their responses and other activities with your website or other channels. This results in a higher chance of converting leads into paying customers.

3. Overview of The Customer Service Platform

EngageBay’s customer support automation platform aims to reduce or eliminate the need for human involvement when providing assistance to customer requests. Let’s look at some of its different tools under the service bay.

Support Groups

support groups

It automatically routes your customer queries to the right customer support agent based on location, service skills, priorities, etc. The software alerts the members of the relevant support group when a new request is received.

Custom Ticket Views

EngageBay helps you organize your raised tickets by grouping them into lists based on different criteria. You can create views for pending tickets, new tickets that need to be assigned, and closed tickets.

These views help you prioritize which tickets need attention from your team so that you can take action accordingly.

Canned Responses

vanned responses

Canned responses are designed to save time and increase customer support efficiency by sending the same replies for routine queries. It lets you save your email and message responses as ‘canned’ for later use. So, every time you get the same query, you need not write the same messages.

Smart Workflow Management

EngageBay allows you to create a custom workflow where you can automate the process of defining ticket priorities, setting their status, and assigning them to the support team. It helps save time in routine tasks, allowing your customer agents to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Who is EngageBay a Good Fit For?

1. Businesses with multiple customer touchpoints

EngageBay helps provide excellent customer experience by integrating communications across all channels into a single platform.

You can connect with your audience via email, text, social media platforms, etc.

2. Businesses looking to streamline their entire operations

EngageBay aligns your marketing, sales, and service teams into an all-in-one, integrated platform. It empowers each department and simplifies every business process for maximum efficiency.

3. Small businesses with remote teams

EngageBay syncs every update and piece of information on various devices in real time. Thus, managers can easily manage their remote team as all activities can be viewed on a single platform.

EngageBay’s Pricing

One good thing about EngageBay is that it has plans for every business size. It offers a free plan for up to 15 users, and once your business starts to grow, you can easily upgrade to one of the paid plans.

In its free plan, you get access to features like email marketing, landing pages, live chat, helpdesk, and more.

If you want access to advanced functionalities, you can easily upgrade to its paid plans that include workflow automation, service automation, advanced reporting tools, and so much more.

Moreover, its paid plan offers free onboarding, migration, and implementation training. You won’t have to pay any extra to migrate from any other system to EnageBay.

EngageBay has four pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: $0 (For up to 15 users)
  • Basic Plan: $11.99/user/month
  • Growth Plan: $39.99/user/month
  • Pro Plan: $79.99/user/month

Wrapping up

Overall, the EnageBay all-in-one platform is an excellent automation software solution for small businesses. Its affordability and flexibility make it ideal for small business owners and help them boost their company revenue.

EngageBay’s integration with popular third-party applications like Zoho, Zapier, DocuSign, etc., helps you create a more seamless user experience.

With its extensive automation tools, any business owner would see a rise in work productivity and increased customer satisfaction.