Easy Image Optimization Online with Smush.It

On any typical website, smaller images = faster loading time and lesser bandwidth consumed. It is really important to find an optimal balance between image quality and image size. Anything "un-optimized" the image will parasitically suck your bandwidths and cost you a bomb if you are paying for these bandwidths (like me). If you really liked to reduce images file size and doing it the quick and easy way, I thought you should know Smush.it

Smush.it is a really useful webs service I recently came to know. It optimizes your images online, and they do it for free. Smush.it does it in 3 different ways, you can either:

  • Upload a bunch of pictures in your browser, or
  • Provide an URL link, or
  • Do optimization on the fly on any website with Smush.it Firefox Extension or bookmarklet.

There’s also a optimization summary report comparing the before and after compression, in terms of bytes and %.

Smush your images now?

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