Auto-Crop Images to Any Sizes Online With

Editor’s note: is no longer available. However, don’t worry; you can explore these alternative online image editing tools that are equally handy and free.

Struggling with cropping a bunch of images? The web, your desktop, and smartphone are flooded with free photo-editing tools, but what if you’re away from your computer or don’t have Photoshop installed? Cropping images one by one can be a real pain, especially when each photo requires a different crop size.

No worries. Let me introduce you to, a free web app that allows you to automatically crop any image to any size you need.

How to Auto Crop Images with

To begin cropping your images effortlessly, navigate to the website and hit the Upload Your Images button.

Uploading images to

Once you click the upload button, a file explorer will open. Choose the photo or multiple photos you wish to crop and start the upload. On the website, pick the crop size you want. You’re free to select from multiple preset sizes or even add your custom size.

Selecting cropping size

The cropping might take a moment, but when it’s done, you’ll see thumbnails of the cropped images on the right side of the screen. Move your mouse over these thumbnails to see more options like editing or previewing. If you’re not happy with a specific crop, simply ‘uncheck’ it to exclude it from your downloads.

Cropped image options

Clicking on the Edit button allows you to resize the cropped image or adjust the cropped area. Click Confirm once you’re happy with the adjustments.

Editing cropped image

If you’re working with multiple photos, use the navigation buttons to switch between different sets of thumbnails for editing.

Navigating cropped images

After reviewing all the cropped images, click on the Download All Cropps button to start downloading them.

Downloading cropped images

Your images will be downloaded in a compressed folder instantly.

Compressed folder download

Unzip the folder to access all your images, cropped perfectly to your chosen sizes.

Accessing downloaded cropped images

Wrapping Up is a game-changer for anyone looking to crop multiple images quickly and efficiently from any device. Its intelligent cropping algorithm ensures the best parts of your images are always highlighted, saving you from the hassle and time-consuming task of manual cropping.