Showcase of Dark and Mythical Fiction Fantasy Artworks

The fantasy genre spans many generations, styles and forms, crossing many boundaries along the way. From Lord Of The Rings, to The Odyssey, and Beowulf, the fantasy genre is one where there are few rules, and anything goes. Creators and storytellers can express themselves and their ideas fully with no limitations. Much like science fiction, fantasy requires a healthy dose of imagination from the creator, regardless of what fantasy sub-genre is involved.

Since fantasy is a very visual art form, the most popular works are indeed visual; mainly, movies. But even movies start with a concept, where artists create concepts, paintings, illustrations and artworks that will eventually serve as inspiration for the finished product. We’ve collected 30 haunting and mythic fantasy artworks that are sure to arouse your attention. Enjoy!

The Path To The Miracle. (Image source: Noah Kh)

Shadow Of The Brook. (Image source: WildWeasel339)

The Spy. (Image source: Yuan Zhang)

The Relic. (Image source: Kuang Hong)

Water Pirate King. (Image source: Radoslav Topalov)

Given Up. (Image source: Nrekkvan)

A Cavalier. (Image source: Mintgrutu)

Honeycombs. (Image source: Tuomas Korpi)

Marcus The Robber. (Image source: StrongOST)

The Inn. (Image source: Matt Allsopp)

The Siege. (Image source: Kerem Beyit)

The Forest Shrine. (Image source: Jerry8448)

Welcome Back. (Image source: Nrekkvan)

Plagued Moon. (Image source: Sheba-Windstorm)

Tree Hive. (Image source: Tuomas Korpi)

Into The City. (Image source: Yuan Zhang)

The Grave. (Image source: Kuang Hong)

The Dragon. (Image source: Kerem Beyit)

Follow Me. (Image source: Nicponim)

Eowyn And Nazgul. (Image source: Nick Delgaris)

We Meet Again. (Image source: Emile Denis)

Evil Army. (Image source: Jeremy Love)

Before The Battle. (Image source: Hong Kuang)

Fire Dragon. (Image source: Essence750)

Dark Riders. (Image source: Maciej Kuciara)

The Cemetery. (Image source: Vitalik)

The Dust Knight. (Image source: Kuang Hong)

The Monster. (Image source: Federico Scarbini)

Lilith. (Image source: Jorge Jacinto)

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