15 Extraordinary Stylus Designs for Designers and Artists

Thanks to the rapid growth of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, our handwriting is now a complete disaster. We have gotten used to typing instead of writing in our work, study, correspondence, social networking and the rest.

If you like to do all this from your mobile devices you would know that typing on such a small keyboard can be a pain. The answer to that is having a stylus for your smartphone or tablet. It lets you type, draw, or play games using stylus with ease, keeps the screen clean of fingerprints, and lets you use the smartphone in winter with the gloves on.

Instead of the boring, generic style of the stylus, we have here for you 15 extraordinary stylus designs that will make you rethink what stylus to get this holiday season.

Stylus: Protection and Precision by Sonia. Who says a stylus has to be pen-like? This stylus is integrated into a phone cover so you won’t have to rummage around in your bag for it or forget to take it a long with you. [est $29.99]

Upwrite by TheStoneCutter. The Upwrite works both as a stylus and a kickstand for your phone. When you finish your work, just attach it to the same keyring where you hold your house keys. [$28]

Silver Just-Mobile AluPen. It looks like an ordinary albeit oversized pencil but works great with touchscreen devices. It’s available in blue, green, gold, pink, and red. And it’s a perfect gift for a graphic designer or artist. [$15.86]

Adonit Jot Pro Stylus by Acerone. This aluminium and steel stylus has a dampened touch that reduces the tapping sound a stylus makes on your touchscreen. Available in different colors, you can match it with the style of your mobile device easily. [$30]

Cipher: Make Your Mark by Neil MacAloney. A concept stylus in the form of credit card, Cipherhas specific coating to allow it to gently glide across your touchscreen device. It is also easy to bring on the go. [est $10]

The Phone + Book by KB Design. This stylus is half stylus, half pencil giving you the best to both worlds. Sketch on both paper and on your iPhone with this setup. [$15]

Architect Stylus by Pedro Gomes. Its size is perfect to slide into a back jeans pocket or your front jacket. And it has a hole on the top you can use to attach it to your keychain or pendant.

Finger Stylus Ring by raluca. A thimble for your smartphone, TxtRng is made of high-grade silicone and can fit properly onto any finger size. If you prefer to do things with your fingers then this is the styus to get. [$12]

Pencil Stylus by FiftyThree. It mimics the pencil, has tapered sides for better grip and comfort, and you can draw on one end and erase it with the other. The wooden texture adds a bit of elegance to the design. [$49.95]

Pencil Touch Screen Stylus by SuckUK. I stand corrected. THIS design mimics the pencil for real. It’s available in three funky color schemes: blue and red, black and white, and black and yellow. [£7.50]

iStrike stylus. Here’s a "hot" tablet accessory to get. Who would have thought that one day, you will be able to "write" with a matchstick. [$12.79]

Chopstakes by IPEVO. Game with a friend with Chopstakes. Great for those who love to play games on the iPad.

Paintbrush Stylus for Touchscreens by Nomadbrush. If you like drawing on your iPad with a paintbrush, then grab a paintbrush stylus from this collection. [$29.99 – $35]

Bamboo Stylus Mini by Wacom. This mini stylus from Wacom has a brass body, light., can be attached to the headphone jack for easy portability (and so you won’t lose it) and has a replaceable rubber nip. [$14.95]

MouthStick Stylus. Designed to be controlled with the mouth, MouthStick is created for people with limited physical abilities. [$29.99]

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