Back To School! 15 Creative School-Themed Devices

Ah, everyone has to leave the safe and stable environment of school and step into the working world eventually. You get tied down with responsibilities and bills and frustrations from work, that sometimes we wish we could go back and just worry about what excuse to give the teacher for not finishing our homework.

If you have left school for a while, this post may bring back some memories of your school-going years. The difference is that these aren’t your regular stationery items. In this post you will find 15 school-inspired devices like pencil-shaped headphones, an iPhone case in the form of an oldschool calculator, and new way to peel carrots. There’s a kid in all of us, and these school-themed devices will surely bring that kid out for some fun.

Magic Pencil Earphones by zoffy. If you’re bored with the regular black or white headphones, try this yellow pencil one. This two-halves-of-a-pencil headphone is surely going to turn some heads. [$50]

A Clock That Measures Time With A Ruler by Audun Ask Blaker. Instead of ten parts, this "ruler" sports 12 parts that make up every 5 minutes in an hour. And suddenly you have a clock!

Dodo Notes Case for the iPhone 5. This notes case is the perfect mashup for when “tradition meets technology’. Sometimes it’s just easier to open a notebook and write things down. [$13.95]

Giant Pencil Sharpener Veggie Peeler. Peel a carrot like you would sharpen a pencil, cause it’s more fun and probably faster and a lot more fun. [$15]

Old-School Calculator iPhone Case. Is it a case, or is it a calculator? This is a legitimate question. (If you must know, it’s just a case. You will need to use your calculator app for actual sums.) [$12]

Pencil End Cup. Get rid of the mess on your table by putting them all in this erm… pencil’s end? The eraser part doubles as a paper clip box. [$22.55]

Chalkboard Eraser Display Cleaner. This screen cleaner mimics a classroom chalkboard brush but you can use it to clean up the fingerprints, dirt and dust off your computer, TV, or phone screen.

Kirei Towel (Student Work) by Hannah Jor. Hannah Jor won the Best of International Visual Communications award for this clever towel holder in a pencil shape design.

Pita Bread Pencil Holder. This unsuspecting yet delicious-looking pita bread pencil holder is made of 100% cotton, polyester, and wool. Try not to take a bite.

‘Write On!’ collection by Me & Zena. Now these are some really stationery-inspired jewels. Bracelets, rings and necklaces in the form of pencils.

Vintage Book Upcycled Lamp. This elegant book lamp is made with old books which were supposed to be destroyed, but creative designers found out a way to create something practical from them. [$200]

Wooden Ruler Height Chart. This giant wooden ruler is the best item to measure your kids growth. It would be a great addition to a pediatric clinic too. [£140]

Book-Inspired Coffee Table by Mitch Steinmetz. The perfect addition to any library or study room, this huge book slash coffee table has roomy storage inside for magazines and other reading materials.

Pencil Salt and Pepper Mill Set. These item will literally spice up dishes and kitchen decor. It’s playful, funny, and a creative addition to any table.

Notebook iPad Case by David Veshapidze. You can sketch or paint on the iPad but sometimes putting pencil onto paper gives the most natural, creativity-inducing feel possible. [$39.99]

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