45 Unusual Artwork Made From Cigarette Boxes You Need To See

There are various material that can result in beautiful and interesting creations. Upcycling is a great way to not only get creative but it also helps out the environment as one doesn’t use new items. One doesn’t normally associate smoking with art but you’d be surprised at what a couple of recycled cigarette packs can be turned into.

With a little creativity, imagination and artistic flair, those little boxes can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art. Here, we’ve put together a collection of 45 cool creations made from recycled cigarette packs. From sculptures to functional wallets, take a look for yourself. If you know of any that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments.

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Bugatti Veyron car made up of 10,280 empty cigarette packets. (Image Source: China Pictorial)

Dress. (Image Source: Coroflot)

Bracelet. (Image Source: Weebly)

Colorful Lunchbox. (Image Source: Weebly)

Mini Air Jordans made from cigarette packs. (Image Source: Campus Mercante)

Blue elephant. (Image Source: Weebly)

Red and white chair made up of 400 cigarette packs. (Image Source: Environment Team)

Colorful batman symbol. (Image Source: Weebly)

Blue and white mushroom. (Image Source: Weebly)

Red and white Egyptian pyramid. (Image Source: Beach Packaging Design)

Red starfish. (Image Source: Weebly)

Wallet. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Green and white turtle. (Image Source: Weebly)

Folding photo frame. (Image Source: Etsy)

Penguin. (Image Source: Weebly)

Lamborghini Reventon. (Image Source: Trend hunter)

Perching blue parrot. (Image Source: Weebly)

Green and white box. (Image Source: William Eric Gallery)

Gold and green trippy glasses. (Image Source: Weebly)

Vintage handbag. (Image Source: Modern 50)

Blue and maroon frog sitting on a green box. (Image Source: Weebly)

Colorful mushrooms on a triangle. (Image Source: Weebly)

White and gold robot. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Giraffe. (Image Source: Weebly)

Red and white heart decoration. (Image Source: Ladies Of The Grove)

Wall decor. (Image Source: Weebly)

Jet plane. (Image Source: Xcite Fun)

Colorful iguana. (Image Source: Weebly)

Circle with chevron design. (Image Source: Etsy)

Colorful fishes. (Image Source: Weebly)

Cigarette pack sketchbooks. (Image Source: Great Green Goods)

Butterfly. (Image Source: Weebly)

Blue dinosaur. (Image Source: Weebly)

Set of photo frames. (Image Source: Live Auctioneers)

Bunnicula – The vampire rabbit. (Image Source: Weebly)

Retro robots. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Little dog. (Image Source: Cigarette Packet Dog)

Camel. (Image Source: Weebly)

Japenese umbrella. (Image Source: Mingei Arts)

Monster owl. (Image Source: Weebly)

Miniature football kit. (Image Source: Who Ate All The Pies)

Case for mini accordian. (Image Source: Scrappando)

Typography. (Image Source: Colossal)

Crazy eyed panda. (Image Source: Erica’s Cigarette Pack Art)

Little flowers. (Image Source: Weebly)

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