Creative (Extended) Album Cover Arts

We listen to a lot of music, and chances are we might still remember how most of the album cover artworks look like. had a contest and participants make use of their wildest imagination and creativity to "extend" an album’s cover art, meaning designing what happens beyond the borders of classic album sleeves, how the artwork continues.

We went through the entire list and here are some we really like, check out the full list here. That’s some really out of the box cover creativity.

Sounds of Silence (1966) / Simon & Garfunkel

By: Knockear

Nevermind / Nirvana

By: Zak McFlimby

1962-1966 [Red Album] / The Beatles

By: Zak McFlimby

Queen II / Queen

By P3te

I’m God’s Child / The Cooper Family

By WiL

Madonna / Ray of Light

By: WiL

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