Making Panorama With Photoshop, The Faster Way

Do you know you can create panorama photo with Adobe Photoshop? We are not talking about the manual way but rather automatic. With the help of Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, creating a panoramic version of your photo can be done within seconds, all you need to do is select your photos to be stitch and let Photoshop do the rest. Fire up Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, full tutorial after jump.

Step 1

In Adobe Bridge, select the photos you want to combine. Hold Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) to select multiple photos.


Step 2

In Adobe Bridge, with the photos in selection, find yourself to Tools -> Photoshop -> Photomerge.


Step 3

Photomerge dialog box will prompt. Select the layout of your panorama (leave default if you have no idea). Click OK and Photoshop will start copying images one by one and do the necessary stitching.


Step 4

Finally, use Crop tool to remove the unwanted parts on the image.


This is a trick I learned couple of weeks ago in Adobe Master Tour KL, hope you find it useful.