How to Create a TRON Minimal Design – Photoshop Tutorial

Let’s begin!

Step 1

Go to File > New, and set it to 1920x1080px in RGB color mode at 72 dpi.

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 2

Open the Veteran_of_the_Psychic_Wars_11_by_mjranum_stock.jpg. In the Layers palette, F7 double-click the lock near the layer thumb. This is compulsory if we want to edit the image via Channels. You should now have a "Layer 0".

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 3

Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer, CTRL+J. Now go to Filter > Other > High Pass. Use a 5px setting and hit OK. In the Layers palette, F7, set Blending mode to Overlay.

tron minimal ps tutorial

This will make the image more clear and it will allow you to make a more precise selection of the hair.

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 4

Go to Layer > Merge Visible, CTRL+SHIFT+E, then go to Layer > Duplicate Layer, CTRL+J. Set Blending mode of the copied layer to Screen, then duplicate it two more times. Now we have a nice contrast between the model and the background.

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 5

Go to the Channels window Window > Channels and select the "Green" channel. Right-click it and select "Duplicate channel".

tron minimal ps tutorial

The "Green" channel provides the highest contrast of all the channels. We duplicate it because we need dummy channel to work on to further improve the contrast.

Step 6

Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves, CTRL+M and shape the curve as shown below. The lower half will darken the shadows and the upper half will lighten the highlights. Do this twice.

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 7

Go to Layer > Adjustments > Levels and use the settings below.

tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 8

Grab the Brush Tool, B, set Hardness to 100% and cover with black the interior white spots in the hair, the face and the rest of the body.

tron minimal ps tutorial

We don’t need any details in the channel, just the outline of the model.

Step 9

Grab the Dodge Tool, O, set it on Highlights and lighten any extra grays in the image.

tron minimal ps tutorial
tron minimal ps tutorial
Step 10

CTRL+click the "Green copy" channel thumb, go to the Layers palette, F7, Go to Select > Inverse, CTRL+SHIFT+I select the bottom-most layer and copy it, CTRL+C.

CTRL+clicking a thumbnail whether it’s channel or layer loads a selection of the contour of the clicked layer/channel.

tron minimal ps tutorial

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